4 Ways to Remove Sediment from Your Water Heater

Water Filtration

If you’ve ever looked in your water heater and seen a thick sludge at the bottom, you know that sediment can cause all sorts of problems. Not only does it make your water heater work harder, but it can also clog your pipes and reduce water quality. Below are four ways to remove sediment from […]

The Impact of Hard Water on Your Wallet

Hard Water

When you own a two-story home, you may want to have a screen enclosure that offers protection from the elements on each floor of the building. A two-story screen enclosure is an excellent feature that will let you spend more time outside year-round. There are a few important tips to follow when planning your two-story […]

Water Softener Myths

Water Softener

Investing in a water filter system in Pompano Beach is an excellent investment for any homeowner. But if this is your first time purchasing one, you’ve likely done a lot of research.   There is certainly a lot of information regarding water softeners. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inaccuracies that have become popularized. To […]

Low Water Pressure Causes and How to Improve it

Water Pressure

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced low water pressure with your washing machine or water taps. It’s not the most pleasing experience. Handling some simple home chores could take ages, which is inconvenient and unnecessary. If you don’t know the causes of low water pressure, you might have to deal with this problem for a […]