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RainSoft’s Next Generation  EC5 Water Conditioning  System with  RainSoft Remind Wireless  App Monitoring 

The new RainSoft EC5 Series water conditioning system incorporates a redesigned control enclosure and simplified, intuitive interface.
EC5 App RainsoftRainSoft Remind®, available for both iOS and Android, lets you monitor your EC5 system remotely, alerting you when your system needs salt or requires attention. You can even schedule service right from your smart phone or tablet.
  • Smart Features
  • RainSoft Remind® Wireless App
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • User-Friendly Reliability

EC5 Series Features

Immediate Condition Response
Push any button and the EC5 wakes up to display the system status with any applicable instructions or messages.

Power Outage Recovery
If power is lost during the regeneration process, the EC5 will automatically recover and complete the process once power is restored. This feature ensures that all scheduled regeneration cycles are never missed, and that soft water is always available.

Instant Informational Alerts
The EC5 provides real-time system status notifications for low salt, loss of power and power restored, service reminders for filter changes, and other useful reminders. These notifications are provided on both the system display as well as the RainSoft Remind® app.

Redesigned Interactive Display
The EC5 provides easy-to-read and understandable system information via a six-line LCD display, which is ideally angled for optimal viewing.

Energy Efficient Control
A new, redesigned DC power supply uses less electricity than conventional AC power supplies found on other brands of water treatment equipment. There are also fewer moving parts, resulting in increased system reliability and long, trouble-free operation.

Proportional Brine and Rinse
Overall system efficiency is achieved with RainSoft’s proportional brining feature. Saves on overall salt and water consumption with shorter regeneration cycles based upon specific household water usage.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – Please note that your state certification for this product is pending

EC5 — next generation water conditioning with wireless monitoring

How the EC5 Water Conditioner Works

Step 1: Water enters RainSoft’s exclusive rugged EC5 control valve and flows down through the conditioning resin where calcium, magnesium, and other positively charged ions are removed.

Step 2: Once completely conditioned, the water exits the resin tank and flows throughout your home.

EC5 How it works - RainsoftStep 3: At metered intervals, the unit begins a nighttime regeneration process. Using salt* as a regenerant, the retained hardness ions are flushed out of the system and down the drain.

Operating Features

  • New LCD display prompts the user with easy-to-understand system information and messages.
  • Full menu of settings allows you to customize the system to your family’s specific water usage.
  • Computer control prevents you from running out of treated water.
  • Control automatically compensates and adjusts for daylight savings time.
  • The system maintains time up to 1 week without a battery backup in case of a power outage. Program settings are maintained indefinitely, eliminating the need to reprogram.
  • Calculates and uses optimum salt and water combination for each regeneration.

Other Benefits

  • Injection molded enclosures fit tightly to protect control components from outside elements.**
  • The brine tank is equipped with an overflow protection system to protect against overflow due to power outages during regeneration.
  • The EC5 water conditioner provides detailed system status and operational information through both the control screen, and the RainSoft Remind® app.

Note that the RainSoft Remind® app is not required to take advantage of these features.

  • More compact, fits within width of 8” tank.
  • Push button latch & spring-operated door. Positive closure without the hard snap of the current door – better feel.
  • Glowing water drop outline – blue LED.
  • Angled face for better viewing.
  • Application filed for design patent.
  • 2 screws to mount motor.
  • 2 screws to mount board.
  • Snap on rear cover.
  • Easy access to injector cover – not blocked by enclosure.
  • Beveled top edge picks up enclosure features.
  • Less gap between collar & enclosure.
  • 15% higher torque.
  • DC, reversible direction, faster. Moves into position quicker.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Compact DC power supply. Meets California Level V efficiency requirements, as well as upcoming US EPA Level VI efficiency requirements (mandatory Feb. 2016).
  • New alternative to switches or optical sensors. Time tested device, but not used in our industry.
  • Always knows its exact position – switches & optical sensors only know home position for sure.
  • Patent application filed.
  • Large graphic display – multiple lines of information, better menu structure.
  • Keypad layout is common cross pattern used on TV remotes and other familiar devices – more intuitive navigation.
  • Uses powerful ARM® Cortex® processor, the type of processor architecture found in tablets, high end appliances, and automotive control systems. A major step up in processing power from the EC4, with room to grow for the future.
  • Simplified wire connections.
  • Every board supports two motor outputs. Can run secondary backwashing filter.
  • Use the RainSoft RemindTM app to connect the EC5 to the customer’s home network.
  • EC5 uses customer’s network to communicate with cloud database.
  • Database sends customer & dealer notifications.
    • Low salt alerts
    • Status updates & alarms
  • Separate Customer & Service apps.
  • Direct Wi-Fi mode for installation & service – Service app communicates directly with device; no need to use home network.
  • Patent application in process.