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When you own a two-story home, you may want to have a screen enclosure that offers protection from the elements on each floor of the building. A two-story screen enclosure is an excellent feature that will let you spend more time outside year-round. There are a few important tips to follow when planning your two-story screen to ensure it’s a smooth and efficient process.


1. Determine the Location

When you hire a company like Screen Builders to build your two-story screen enclosure, it’s important to determine the best location of the feature to ensure it is functional and accommodates your lifestyle. You may want to have it built in your backyard so that you can spend more time entertaining your guests. This way, the screen enclosure will also cover your pool. If you spend a lot of time in your front yard, the enclosure can be placed over your patio. Our team at Screen Builders can offer recommendations after asking you several questions about how you prefer to spend your time each season.


2. Make Plans for Your Pets

As we get started building your two-story screen enclosure, it’s important to keep your pets in a safe location where they aren’t spending time outdoors. Consider keeping them inside the home in an area where they can’t access the screened enclosure. You can also consider keeping the pet at a family member’s home to avoid worrying about the cat or dog escaping as the work is performed.


3. Choose the Right Materials

One of the most important parts of the process of building a two-story screen enclosure is to choose the right materials. This will determine the cost and style of the feature to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result. Wood is a popular material that is affordable and holds up well outdoors. Plastic and aluminum are also resistant to the elements and complement different styles of homes. There are a variety of different framing and fabrics to choose from to ensure they can be used long-term and looks attractive on the property.


4. Discuss the Time Frame

When you’re working closely with another company to build your screen enclosure, it’s important to know what to expect with the time frame. Screen enclosures can be completed in two to four weeks. There may be delays due to the weather conditions, depending on the time of year the feature is built. Knowing what to expect can allow you to work around the time frame before you can return to using your outdoor space.


Knowing how to prepare for your two-story screen enclosure will allow you to have a smoother process and be satisfied with the final product. You can contact our team at Screen Builders in Pompano Beach to have a screen enclosure built on your property.