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Coastal Energy Water and Air History

Today, our 90+ employees are proud to provide clean, quality RainSoft water and products to customers in Southern Florida. All sales and installations are performed by Water Quality Association and Stenner certified technicians directly supervised by our owner. Coastal Energy Water and Air offers all RainSoft environmental products for water and air treatment. In addition to water and air treatment, Coastal Energy Water and Air offers an extensive salt delivery service.

Coastal Energy Water and Air has been awarded RainSoft’s Gold Circle Tiger Award of Excellence. We are members of the Water Quality Association, and we have been members of the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce since 1966.

Our company was the first RainSoft distributor in South Florida in 1966

Our current owner is a second generation RainSoft dealer when he purchased the dealership in 1983.

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Water Quality Association Certified

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