Water Test

Most people assume that the quality of their drinking water is safe, as the municipality will test for dangerous chemicals and bacteria. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, 90% of the population gets drinking water from public supplies. Despite local communities working hard to test and maintain safe drinking water. The reality is that your water could contain fertilizers, naturally occurring chemicals, and manufacturing compounds. 

The best approach is to have a water test on your property at least once a year to ensure that everything is safe. We look at the benefits of having a test on your water and how you will be healthier from it. 


Not knowing about the quality of your water is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Local communities work to keep the water supply clean, but these entities cannot screen for everything. The situation becomes complicated as systems around the country are getting older and more vulnerable to contamination. 

In America, 63 million people are exposed to potentially hazardous water supplies and don’t know it. Getting a water test done annually ensures that you know about the safety and quality of the drinking water. 

For example, the most notorious water contamination case is in Flint, Michigan where residents were drinking contaminated water. The city switched water supply sources to save money and ignored complaints from residents about the quality. These include cloudy, foul-smelling, and off-tasting water that created health issues (such as high levels of lead). The lack of response to these health concerns worsened the situation and the city had to find another water source. 

When you have a test performed, you will know about the quality of your water. You will have peace of mind knowing that the water you are using is safe and reduces any adverse health effects. Don’t take the word of your local water company by not doing the test, but find out for yourself what is going on. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air offer free tests of your water, and we will tell you if there are any issues. We have been serving South Florida since 1966 and are ready to help you know about the quality of your water. 

You Take Nothing for Granted

Assumptions are your worst enemy when it comes to the quality of your water. The lack of understanding of the dangers makes things worse by not realizing the potential threats. One of the areas you should be wary of is if you are using a private well as your primary water source. 

These wells have more threats to you, such as microbes, chemicals, and fertilizers you may not know. The lack of testing increases the chances that you could be exposed to any combination of these dangers. 

When you have your hard water tested, you ensure that the quality of water you are drinking is safe. You are not leaving anything to chance by taking extra precautions to ensure that the water is safe to consume. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air can help you understand what is in your well and if the water is safe to drink. We are a Rain Soft dealer and will provide you with a host of solutions to ensure you have access to high-quality water. You are not leaving anything to chance by calling us and letting our trained professionals evaluate your water. 

You Can Identify Water-Related Health Issues

Sometimes, water-related health issues are not something severe but they can be little things you notice. 

For example, contaminants in the water can cause skin problems such as itchy, dry skin, and rashes. You could have scalp itch or always feel dirty no matter how much you shower or bath. You may have assumed that all of these challenges were related to South Florida’s hot and humid weather. But, the issues could be from hard water that is causing a skin condition. When you know what is happening, you can identify and address the leading causes of these problems. 

A water test helps you understand how your health is impacted by showering and the ways your water creates skin conditions. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air can test the water and provide you with solutions that improve the quality. 

We Know Water

These are some of the benefits of testing your water to ensure everything is safe for you. Call Coastal Energy Water and Air today at 954-333-3336 and let us help you have the highest quality water. 

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