Air Purifier Pompano Beach

Did you ever think about how the air in your home affects the health of your family? The Environmental Protection Agency states that the average home’s air quality can be up to 40 times dirtier than the air outside. You should learn all you can about the AirMaster Ultra, an indoor air purification system that cleans and refreshes your whole home, considering how much your family spends indoors.


At Coastal Energy, Water, and Air, we offer the best products that RainSoft has to offer, and this includes one of the world’s best air purification systems. Keep reading below to learn how this system can improve the quality of life and health for you and your family.

An Air Purification System That Uses The Latest Technology.

The AirMaster Ultra uses natural, light-based ultraviolet (UV), and ozone processes to reduce odors that come from pets, cooking, and other household sources. This leaves behind clean, fresh air. It will also reduce common airborne bacteria and molds.


Although you may be familiar with air filter products, the AirMaster Ultra actually purifies air. Air filters, also known as “mechanical filters”, trap particles too large to pass through. These filters can collect larger particles but are less effective at capturing smaller particles. They must be replaced on a regular basis as they collect debris and store it, like a vacuum cleaner bag.


However, air purifiers can sterilize or kill almost all contaminants. Both ultraviolet and ozone are used to purify the air in your home. The UV light zone in the AirMaster Ultra kills most of the airborne bacteria and molds. The air then passes through the ozone lamp where any remaining odors can be neutralized. This process is silent and continuous as your furnace runs. There are no messy filters that you need to change.


Watch this video to see how this air purification system works.

The Benefits Of Using The Airmaster Ultra Air Purification System

It purifies and cleans your home’s air by killing or sterilizing many contaminants and neutralizing unpleasant odors. Two proven technologies are used in this air purification system. The ultraviolet (UV) light destroys most airborne bacteria and molds, which can cause allergies in the home. Next, the specially designed ozone lamp neutralizes odors caused by different household sources like pets and cooking.


It is also extremely cost-effective. Special non-filament UV lamps are three times more durable than standard filament lamps. The unit draws only 47 watts, which is less than a standard lightbulb. The AirMaster Ultra is not like other air purification systems that need to be changed frequently with debris-collecting filters. It only requires periodic changes of the UV/ozone lamps. Your RainSoft dealer can perform this task for you.


The Airmaster Ultra runs silent and continuous when your heating/cooling system turns on. This leaves your home with cleaner, fresher air.

The Airmaster Ultra Will Not Take Up Space In Your Home.

The AirMaster Ultra is placed in your HVAC system’s air duct. It works to remove odors from every room and purify the air. There is no need to buy a separate system for every room. You can now get one unit installed and have the air throughout your home purified!


Our air purification system also gives you complete control from our easy-to-use control panel. LED indicators let you see the status of your unit at a glance. External odor controls make it easy to adjust your home’s air quality.


The AirMaster Ultra is backed by RainSoft’s Limited Warranty against manufacturer defects. Like all RainSoft products, this system is built to last, so your family will be breathing easier inside your home for many years to come when you have it installed.

Coastal Energy Water & Air offers the best air purification systems for your home or business. We are a proud dealer of RainSoft products. For the best Water & Air Purification Systems, contact us or give us a call at (954) 333-3336