Water Filtration

With more and more people becoming conscientious of what they put in their bodies, the demand for water filters has only increased. Now, it’s common to see water filters throughout one’s home. Everything from a water filter pre-installed in the refrigerator to add-on products for showerheads is around the average household. But, consumption isn’t the only thing that homeowners and renters need to worry about. There are other ways that toxic water can impact your life and even find ways into your body.


For instance, you still have to consider shower water, washing machine water, sink water, and much more. Almost every appliance utilizes tap water to some extent. And almost all tap water picks up some minerals, chemicals, debris, and bacteria as it makes its way to your home. To stay healthy and have peace of mind that your tap water is up to standard, investing in a water filtration system in Lauderhill is key. At Coastal Energy Water Air, we have an EC5 OxyTech filter that can get the job done for you.


What is an EC5 OxyTech System?


The EC5 OxyTech system is incredibly high-tech, changing the way homeowners and renters approach their tap water. After getting a free water test from the Coastal Energy Water Air team, you can learn more about your water and what’s inside of it. Then, our team can fill you in on how the EC5 OxyTech system can specifically benefit you.


But, in summary, it filters out the sulfur, iron, and magnesium in your tap water. You might not think these minerals could get found in your water, but they are common. Additionally, tap water is constantly changing. Sometimes you might have a high percentage of magnesium, and other times you might have trace amounts. Either way, there’s no guaranteeing how pure your water is without a water filtration system in Lauderhill.


How Can the EC5 OxyTech System Benefit You?


The minerals in the water, such as iron, magnesium, and sulfur, are not bad in moderation. Small amounts of them are nothing to worry about. However, large percentages of them in your water can prove damaging. And not just to your health but also to your household items and appliances. With the EC5 OxyTech system, you can benefit by having pure water around the clock. The system filters out the minerals for you.


By doing this, it stops your tap water from staining your sinks and showers. The minerals from it can damage them and noticeably have an impact on areas where tap water frequents. But, that’s not all; you can also monitor your water and the system. With the EC5 OxyTech app, you can stay on top of the water filtration system and make sure it’s operating at its best. If you notice any issues with it, you can contact the Coastal Energy Water Air team to come out and fine-tune it for you.


How Can Minerals Cause Damage?


The minerals can cause damage in several ways. The first, and previously mentioned, are by staining the sink and the shower floor. This damage goes unnoticed as it begins small. You might notice some discoloration and quickly assume it’s nothing to worry about. Or, you might not notice anything at all. Over time, the repeated exposure to minerals, the likelier the stain gets larger and darker, eventually becoming an eyesore.


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To learn more about the EC5 OxyTech water filtration system in Lauderhill, visit our website. Or, if you are considering other products, schedule your water test with our team. After having insight into your water, you can know for certain what product is best for your tap water. With our expert’s help, you’re well on your way to a pure water supply. Contact the Coastal Energy Water Air team today at (954) 333-3336.