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I recently decided to invest in a Rainsoft water conditioning system for my condo in Coral Springs, FL. There’s plenty of reasons to be concerned about the quality of water in your home. I’ve read plenty of horror stories about lead contamination in major cities across the United States. In fact, National Geographic just posted an article in March 2019 stating that roughly a quarter of Americans drink from water systems that violate the Safe Drinking Water Act. As scary as all that sounds, my personal concern stemmed from the ice cubes my freezer produced. They were dingy and cloudy and made my bottled water taste funky when I got to the bottom of the glass. That made me start thinking about all the ways I use water daily in my home and the conclusion to my ice cube dilemma was “I can do better” so I invested in Rainsoft and it really was life changing. Here’s the top 10 reasons how RainSoft has made my life easier and changed it for the better.

  1. No more bottled water which means no more lugging up 40 packs of water from BJ’s and Sam’s Clubs to my 3rd story condo. I can think of better ways to work out my biceps.
  2. Cleaning my kitchen and bathroom is so much easier now with the environmental cleaning products I received when I purchased my RainSoft conditioning system. No more scrubbing until my arm falls off (I actually asked my cleaning lady to come once a month rather than every 2-3 weeks)
  3. My coffee has never tasted better! I always used tap water before but drinking coffee made with conditioned water is a revelation.
  4. My hair is softer and more manageable, and I swear the color I use lasts longer (anyone who colors their hair any shade of red knows how quickly it fades). I figure the soft conditioned water doesn’t strip the color out like tap does
  5. My skin is soft and supple, so I only use a dab of my favorite lotion now. I can’t stop feeling myself and I mean that literally, I’m always touching my skin because I can’t believe how darn soft it is.
  6. My miniature poodle Brownie looks fabulous! See reason 4. My guess is using conditioned water on any pet with skin issues can only benefit them.
  7. Bath Bombs live up to their name! My 1st bubble bath with my RainSoft water was quite the experience. This year has been all about self-care and there’s no better way to achieve it then soaking in a tub full of voluminous bubbles. Tap water has never produced such a frothy and foamy abyss.
  8. My clothes are cleaner and feel soft after washing. I hang dry a lot of my clothes and usually I’m busy ironing them as soon as they dry but not anymore. I also don’t get that itchy feeling that comes from the detergent not rinsing out properly
  9. Less chemicals in my house especially bleach. Can I just say I hate the smell of bleach! I know it’s a workhorse but yuck, the smell drives me crazy. I mentioned earlier in reason 2 that I received cleaning products with my RainSoft system. The products are not tested on animals and are free of harsh chemicals and detergents. Plus, they have the best scents, some of my favorites are cherry almond and sweat pea.
  10. Last but definitely not least is the savings! No more bottled water and harsh cleaning products. In fact, I use less of everything from shampoo, conditioner, soap, laundry detergent and lotion.

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