Water Filtration

For six months of every year, Florida and the Southeast region of the United States is under threat of hurricane activity. Thus far, the second half of the 2019 hurricane season has been quite active, though South Florida has avoided a direct impact. However, with the potential for hurricane conditions extending into December, we are not out of the woods yet. 

When a hurricane threatens, the damage most people focus on comes from winds and flying debris. While structural damage caused by falling trees or airborne materials are usually a homeowner’s primary concern, other hidden damage can also creep up. Specifically, hurricanes and other serious storms can cause thousands of dollars in destruction to your water filtration system in Pompano Beach.  

Hurricanes are more than just wind and rain. As coastal residents of Florida know, they also bring high waters and serious risks for flooding. When this happens, damage can be caused to your home’s plumbing, which may affect your filtration system. Older water systems are especially prone to damage caused by fluctuating water pressure or flooding.  

Damaged piping in your home or in the main line can easily lead to water contamination. Even if there is no physical damage, hurricane flooding can still taint your local water supply, which is why residents are advised not to drink or use faucet water for preparing food until cleared to do so. People who ignore these warnings risk exposing themselves, their families, and pets to waterborne illness caused by sewage and other contaminants. Babies, children, and the elderly are especially susceptible to potential illness. 

Thankfully, advancements in water filtration system technology make it easier than ever to ensure your loved ones are safe, even after a major hurricane. 

How a Water Filtration System in Pompano Beach Can Help 

Modern water filtration systems can help to decontaminate water of over 99 percent of impurities. This includes physical debris like minerals, dirt, leaves, and sticks, as well as bacterial contaminants. With Coastal Energy Water & Air, our water purifiers in Pompano Beach allow you to rest assured that your family is drinking clean, safe water in every glass. By improving the quality of water from your faucet, you can also help to save the environment by saving on single-use plastic bottles! 

Our industry-leading technology work through ionization. This works by charging the water as it enters your filtration system and electromagnetically purifying your water. You can taste the increased quality of your water in each glass, which also extends to better tasting meals prepared with filtered water. This change in water quality also extends to other areas of your home, like your bathroom and laundry room. Clothes come out cleaner and looking like new for longer when your water filtration system in Pompano Beach removes harmful minerals like calcium and phosphates. You may also notice a difference in your skin’s texture and appearance once hard water deposits no longer affect your skin care regimen. 

Are you ready to see and taste the difference? Let Coastal Energy Water & Air help—contact us today for your complimentary in-home water test and assessment.