Water Filtration

Water is nature’s solvent, picking up carbon dioxide during the rain cycle to become slightly more acidic and dissolve minerals as it seeps into aquifers and water wells. As this happens, water picks up deposits of these heavier materials. This ‘hard water’ is then collected and distributed to water filtration plants before being delivered to our homes and businesses—but is that enough? These large water treatment plants do not provide the same level of purification as a home water filtration system would. 

The result is limescale, the unsightly residue often found in bath tubs or on shower heads. But limescale is more than an annoyance when it comes to keeping your bathroom or kitchen clean; it can present serious health risks and other complications. 

What is Limescale?  

When it comes to hard water in Pompano Beach, the culprit is often limescale—the mineral debris attributed to Florida’s natural limestone water filter. It is usually primarily composed of Calcium, Carbonate, Sulfate, and Magnesium, which can be dangerous in high doses.  

Limescale deposits occur when water carrying these minerals deposits them into the pipes and plumbing connected to homes and businesses. As these deposits grow, they can cause blockages which may damage or break the pipes. Smaller amounts of limescale may get through filter systems, which then causes the hard water deposits we often see on shower walls and dishes. 

The Effects of Limescale 

Hard water in Pompano Beach is more than just water marks on a glass or tile wall. The minerals that cause limescale build-up can cause a number of issues. Any appliance or piece of machinery which is attached to a water line is at risk of damage due to limescale build-up. Refrigerators with ice makers, washing machines, and dish washers commonly experience issues or require replacement due to unaddressed build-up.  

Because limescale is carried by water, if you are experiencing build-up, odds are it is also in the water you use to cook, bathe, or drink. While this is not inherently dangerous in small doses, the potential for other contaminants beyond minerals to also seep through is elevated.  

How to Remove Limescale Build-Up 

Removing limescale with a water softener in Pompano Beach allows the deposits to be flushed from the system. Once the limescale is cleared, upgrading your water filtration system can help to prevent later issues. With Coastal Energy Water and Air, finding a solution for your hard water and lime scale build-up problem can change the way you think about water. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air water filtration systems in Pompano Beach are state of the art and designed to deliver high quality purified water directly from your faucet. By using state of the art filtration technologies, our water filters surpass the most popular devices on the market, providing crisper, cleaner tasting water. We are passionate about changing the way the world views water, one home or business at a time. 

If you are experiencing limescale build-up in your home, contact Coastal Energy Water and Air today to schedule your complimentary water test!