Water Filtration

Your water filtration system isn’t something most people think about until there’s a problem. As long as the water coming out of your faucets is clear and without odor, you likely won’t put much thought into the quality of your water, trusting the water filtration of Pompano Beach’s water treatment center. However, things happen: faulty mainlines, storm surges, and other factors can lead to water contamination that leaves you without clean water for days or weeks at a time. Rather than flocking to the stores where water will no doubt sell out in a matter of minutes, upgrading your home’s water filtration system can save you time and money. 

Is such a project worth the investment on the off-chance that something catastrophic happens to your city’s water system? In a word—yes. But a new water purifier in Pompano Beach isn’t just a precautionary step. Improving your home with a new water filtration system is an investment that pays for itself in a variety of ways. 

Health Impact of Water Purification 

The most important, yet often overlooked, benefits of an effective water filtration system in Pompano Beach is how it can improve your health. Our bodies are up to 70 percent water, so replenishing your body with clean, pure water is important. Waterborne illnesses aside, clean water helps improve organ function, promote clear, healthy skin, and healing. Because Coastal Energy Water & Air filtration systems can remove more than 99 percent of impurities, you can rest assured that you are fueling your body with the best possible water.  

Protecting Your Plumbing 

Calcium and other minerals which may be in your tap water can become built up in your pipes and faucets. This leads to hard water deposits, causing changes in water pressure and flow. In extreme cases, these deposits can lead to clogging, which may lead to cracking or other damage to your plumbing. Because these deposits are usually unseen, you may not become aware of it until it’s too late, and you are stuck with thousands of dollars in damages.  

As a homeowner, you know preventing damages is always preferable to making costly repairs. A water filtration system in Pompano Beach can help by removing the contaminants that may cause plumbing damage. Coastal Energy Water & Air systems remove both physical and microbial contaminants for the cleanest, safest water you can achieve in South Florida. 

Increase Your Home’s Value 

Whether you are considering selling your home now, or still have a few more years left before your move, being aware of your home’s value and marketability is important. While you can’t change things like the location or traffic issues, installing a new water filtration system can boost the value of your home. In the same way new kitchen appliances or a bathroom remodeling can increase your final sale price, your investment today will become your profit tomorrow.  

Unsure if your water filtration system in Pompano Beach needs to be upgraded? Contact Coastal Energy Water & Air today to schedule your complimentary water test!