Hard Water

Like many cities surrounded by an ocean or sea, Pompano Beach also has hard water. Although hard water provides a few benefits, such as protecting your bones because of calcium, it can cause many problems. The following are some of the problems caused by hard water in Pompano Beach.


Causes Itchy and Dry skin

After a hot shower, soap scum is not just retained on your shower walls. Hard water may create a film on your body because it stops soap from dissolving, making your skin feel dry and dull. If you have sensitive skin, the residue may irritate and worsen skin conditions you may have, like psoriasis.


Shortened Appliance Lifetime

Dishwashers, washers, ice makers, and other water-using appliances won’t last as long in a home supplied with hard water as in a home with soft water. Hard water causes mineral buildup on internal components, tiny water supply lines, and drain lines. This obstructs water systems and water lines and shortens the lifespan and performance of water appliances.


Drinking Hard Water is Dissatisfying

Nothing compares to the flavor of a nice glass of iced tea on a hot summer afternoon, but the tea will likely be a lot less palatable if it is murky and hazy. Depending on the concentration and combination of minerals, hard water can have a metallic taste and cause the water to seem murky. You can purchase and learn the importance of Rainsoft in Pompano Beach to help combat this problem by softening the hard water present in your home’s water system.


Causes Staining

As we’ve already established, hard water may leave a residue on your dishes and clothing. But what about the rest of your home? Unfortunately, living in a home supplied with hard water means you could wind up with stains in practically any place there is water in your house.


Inspect your toilet’s back, the area surrounding your sinks, the enamel in your shower, and the showerhead for dull, brownish stains. These are some of the most typical remnants of hard water, and as long as your water is hard, they will probably reappear no matter how hard you scrub them away.


Lime Scale Deposition

The financial implications of hard water may be even less desirable than the aesthetic ones. The presence of hard water can cause limescale accumulation in hot water equipment like water heaters. Your water heater will likely be less energy-efficient when the limescale accumulation progresses. As a result, you will incur more significant energy costs. In addition, your heating system will have more issues, causing it to perform inefficiently.


It should be no surprise that the limescale accumulation in your water heater may also be present throughout your plumbing system. This may obstruct the water passage through your pipes, resulting in corrosion that shortens the lifespan of the pipes that make up your plumbing system. It is wise to address your home’s hard water issue as soon as possible to avoid pipe bursts, re-piping, and fixture replacement.


These are some of the many problems that are caused by hard water. Seeking alternative solutions such as Rainsoft in Pompano Beach to purify your water will help you remedy these problems and enjoy the benefits of soft water, thus leading to a healthier home.



If your home’s water system has hard water flowing through it, you should look for ways to purify and soften the water in your home. This is because hard water poses many problems for your plumbing system, health, and comfort. At Coastal Energy Water and Air, we offer the best water purifier system to help combat the hard water in many homes in Pompano Beach. You can contact us today to get the best water purifier products in South Florida.