Water Treatment System

As more research is done, more and more families are becoming aware of the lack of filtration that goes into their tap water. Using a quality filtration system can be the difference between drinking dirty water and enjoying crystal clear water that tastes clean and refreshing. For those in Pompano Beach, the best available water treatment system is located close by! 

Coastal Energy Air & Water is a local dealer of the RainSoft Water Treatment System, the top accessible water conditioning and softening system on the market. To learn more about why you should switch to a RainSoft Water Treatment System, continue reading!

Water is essential to life, and at Coastal Energy Air & Water, we strive to deliver the cleanest water to the families of Pompano Beach. 

Did you know that the average family of four in Pompano Beach uses over 200 gallons of water per day? 

It may sound hard to believe, but it’s actually the truth! Think about how often you and your family shower, wash your hands, use the restroom, or simply drink a glass of water.

Water consumption is a natural part of our daily lives that we don’t give much thought to. Many people only realize how poor their water quality is after living with terrible water quality for some time. Whether it’s the smell, taste, or color, you may need to look into replacing your water treatment system. Coastal Energy Air and Water is the #1 dealer of RainSoft water filtration products in South Florida. We take pride in offering you and your family the best drinking water for all functions in your daily life. We believe in giving you and your family peace of mind and that’s why our water filtration products are so popular. If you’re still unsure, consider the following:

Gets Rid of Unwanted Chemicals

Harmful sediments and chemicals can make their way into your tap water, which can expose your family to unexpected health concerns. With a RainSoft Water Treatment System, you can be sure that your water is pure and free from any harmful pollutants every time you drink a glass of water or use the shower. 

Pipe & Plumbing Damage

Minerals, calcium deposits, and chemical sludge can build-up and interfere with the water flow in your house’s pipe system. Over time, this build-up can damage your pipes, which can cause potential damage to your plumbing system. With a RainSoft Water Treatment System, that problem is eliminated immediately!

Better Tasting Food

Washing your raw fruits and vegetables with a RainSoft Water Treatment System can make a world of difference, especially if you’re getting fresh produce from the farmer’s market. The resulting taste and overall appeal of your food will be improved, all thanks to cleaner and better quality of water!

Cleaner Hair

If the water in your shower is hard and of poor quality, your hair and body may pay the price. Rather than trying to live with dull and frizzy hair and dry skin, replacing your water treatment system with a RainSoft will not only improve your water pressure but leave your hair and skin feeling better than ever before! 

Better Than Bottled Water

Not only will you save money from no longer purchasing numerous cases of bottled water, but you will also save tons of plastic from polluting the oceans and contributing to the overfilled landfills. With RainSoft crystal clear water, you can both help fight against pollution and enjoy the water that’s more delicious than store-bought water.

Coastal Energy Water & Air Can Help You!

Coastal Energy Water & Air is the leading distributor of RainSoft Water Softener Systems in Pompano Beach. For over 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air has been improving the Quality of Life for our customers and their families by offering them environmentally responsible air and water treatment solutions for their homes. 

If you live in Pompano Beach and would like more information about the RainSoft water filtration system, call the team at Coastal Energy Water & Air at (954) 333-3336!