Rainsoft, Water Softener

As the protector of your household, chances are you’re probably always looking for ways to improve the safety of your home. There are many ways to do this, such as switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances. You might also try to provide healthy foods to your loved ones. Yet, what if we told you that you could take it a step further by working to restore the quality of your water? At Coastal Energy Water & Air, we strive to help our clients have clean water. We do this by being a certified provider of RainSoft. RainSoft is a water softener system that can actually remove harmful minerals out of your water, replacing those minerals with ones that are much softer.

Keep reading to learn how investing in a water softening can be beneficial for both you and the people you love! 


  • Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy with a Water Softener 


The number one reason to have a water softener is so that you’re able to enjoy healthier skin, and healthier hair. Most American’s have what experts call, hard water. Hard water has calcium and magnesium which tend to leave a residue when exerted in large amounts. If your water has plenty of these two minerals, then you’ll probably notice that your skin and hair are both quite dry. Perhaps you’ve seen the difference from one house to another, or even one city from another. It’s common that certain cities have better water than others. When you install a water softener, you’re actively filtering out those minerals, and replacing them with ones that are better. 


  • Appliances 


Did you know that the buildup of calcium and magnesium can take place in appliances? Within the plumbing of your washer, dishwasher, and sinks, your water can take a toll on the inner workings. This buildup can erode plumbing over time, leaving you needing to replace your appliances sooner than you would if you have a water softener. 


  • Clothing 


As mentioned, hard water can affect your clothing. If you have white clothes, you may notice that overtime they become off-white or tan. To avoid needing to replace your nice white clothing, buy a water softener! Not only will this minimize your reinvestment in your apparel, but it will also soften the harsh impact it can have on dishes and skin as well. 


  • Teeth 


The water that you use to brush your teeth is the same water that you shower with. The minerals, magnesium, and calcium, are still present. Not only are these minerals rough on the mouth, but a buildup from calcium can be especially hard on the teeth. By switching to a household water softener, you give both yourself and your loved ones a more thorough, well-rounded brush. Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body, as they play a part in the rest of your organ health. Take their care seriously. 


  • Save Money in the Long Run 


Last, but not least, we want to highlight how having a water softener in your home can save you money. It is an investment upfront, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t drastically save your bank account down the road. When you have a buildup of minerals in your plumbing, appliances, drains, and showers, you’re looking at replacing those items much more frequently. You’re also more likely to run into issues caused by a buildup of calcium and magnesium. Fortunately, when you install a water softener, you’re taking proactive steps towards a healthier, and more affordable future. 

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