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First and foremost, let us introduce ourselves. We’re Coastal Energy Water & Air, and our mission is to provide customers with the best drinking water and the largest variety of water treatment products. We offer a few products, aside from water filter systems. We also offer water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, installations, and repair services. Mr. Brow, the owner of Coastal Energy Water & Air is a second-generation RainSoft dealer, and he has been since 1983. He has a bachelor’s in biology, and clean water is what he’s been driven to distribute. At Coastal Energy Water & Air, we have clients that have been with us for over 40 years, and here’s why. 

When you are looking up water filtration companies online, you might be wondering which company to choose from. Certainly, there are many, but there are few with the work, craftsmanship, knowledge, and genuine customer care that comes with working with Coastal Energy Water & Air. Our team is close, and all are highly trained, skilled, and professional. When you hire one of our technicians, you’re hiring more than a specialized individual. You’re hiring someone who’s going to be able to teach you about water. You’ll have someone who can aid in running a water test. In fact, did you know our water tests are free? We ran an independent market research study and found that we were given a 9.3 out of 10-star customer service satisfaction rating! 

Now that you know a bit more about us and what we do, let’s go into the benefits of having a water filtration system installed within your home. Water filtering is for those looking to take the harmful bacteria and minerals out of their every-day water. There are a few ways to do this. Homeowners and business owners can install whole-house systems, which will filter all of the water within the home. The filter will be attached to the main water supply line. Alternatively, homeowners and business owners can choose to filter certain aspects of their home. One avenue many individuals choose is to have their sinks fitted for filters. This way, they can drink water straight out of the sink. 

There are a few benefits to this, including being able to save on the consumption of plastic water bottles and staying away from the many harmful toxins found in traditional tap water. Did you know that it takes a single plastic water bottle over 400 years to decompose? That’s a long time. By applying a water filter system, you’re saving the environment, and yes, you can make a difference. You’re also saving money! You can also invest in air purification practices, which aids in keeping the dust out, and healthy air in. 

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If you’re looking for creative solutions to better air and better water, contact the professionals at Coastal Energy Water & Air today. We’re here to help you keep your family safe, starting with the basics. The gift of clean water is a big one, and it deserves to be celebrated. Contact a member of our team today to see how to get started. We’ll walk you through our multiple treatments and filters, giving you a better idea as to what will be the best option for your household. Contact us today at 954-333-3336. We’re here to add long-term value. Make an investment future you will thank you for, and see how a water filter system can change your life!