Hard Water

Hard water has a high concentration of hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It may also contain other hazardous constituents, especially if it comes from unprotected sources. Many homeowners only pay attention to how this quality affects their appliances and plumbing system and fail to understand that it also interferes with their health.

A comprehensive understanding of its impact will help you implement various preventative measures, like installing a purifier. Read on to learn how the hardness of the water you consume and use in your household can affect your health.

Affects Your Skin’s Health

Using hard water to shower will make your skin dry. The excessive minerals may also cause skin irritation and cause bumpy patches.

Some people develop eczema after excessively using hard water. This happens when minerals strip the shielding barrier on your skin’s surface. Your skin will react to this situation by turning over cells rapidly, leading to eczema. Small children are at a high risk of this skin condition.

Hard water makes it difficult to wash away lather and soap scum from your skin. As a result, they clog your skin pores, hence causing breakouts and deteriorating your skin’s health. 

The hard minerals also affect your hair follicles and cause dandruff and hair thinning. They also remove the hair’s natural shine and leave it looking dull. You can protect yourself from these issues by using a water softener in your bathroom.

Causes Kidney Dysfunction

Excessive consumption of hard water can also affect your kidneys. This is because they lack the capacity to filter out all the calcium and magnesium ions from your body. Consequently, you are likely to develop kidney stones or kidney dysfunction.

When this problem occurs for a long time, the stones increase in size and affect the renal system. Furthermore, kidney dysfunction can lead to other severe illnesses like diabetes and cerebrovascular disease. Protect your health by installing Rainsoft in Pompano Beach.

Causes Cardiovascular Diseases

Consuming hard water in Pompano Beach increases the risk of contracting various cardiovascular conditions like heart disease and hypertension.

Affects Fertility

Research also associates hard water with fertility complications, especially in men. The hard minerals can limit the production of reproductive hormones. 

Consequently, the victims experience low sperm count and develop other reproductive issues. For this reason, ensure that you hire an expert to install a quality water treatment system like Rainsoft in Pompano Beach.

Causes Cancer

Research indicates that people who consume hard water are more likely to develop certain cancers, such as colon, esophageal, and gastric cancers. This issue is common among people who source their water from wells.

Groundwater contains a naturally-occurring radioactive element called radium. Consuming too much of it for a long time makes your body vulnerable to cancer. The experience technicians at Coastal Energy Water and Air can also conduct a water test to determine the water quality in your home.

In summary, the quality of your domestic water supply significantly influences your health. Investing in a water filtration system is the most effective way to protect your family’s health from health issues related to hard water. Contact Coastal Energy Water and Air for water purifier installation.