Water Treatment System

Hard water can affect your health and cause dry skin. It can also damage your plumbing fixtures and household appliances that frequently use water. There are different ways you can improve the quality of tap water in your home, and installing a water conditioner is one of them. Here is what you should know about the water conditioning system in Pompano Beach.

Improves Water Quality

This water treatment system removes magnesium and calcium from the hard water coming from your tap. The resin ion beds in the in-built water softener attract these minerals and flush them down the drain. This prevents them from causing scale buildup on your plumbing fixtures. It also protects your hair and skin.

The water conditioner also filters your water to eliminate impurities and contaminants. Each phase of the five-stage filtration system removes different particles. For example, the sediment filter removes large particles like sand, while the reverse osmosis membrane gets rid of viruses and bacteria. This way, you and your family enjoy soft, healthy, and sparkling clean water.

Helps To Reduce Utility Bills

The EC5 Water Conditioner has a computer or microprocessor control that helps it to track water usage. This advanced system is also user-friendly because it provides real-time notifications about its status. For example, the water conditioning system in Pompano Beach informs you when it needs servicing.

It will also let you know when it is losing or recovering power. These notifications help you determine the changes you need to make to save water and electricity in your home. Note that you can receive these proactive responses on your computer or smartphone. The smart features enable you to control the EC5 water conditioning system remotely.

Easy To Use

Another advantage of the EC5 water conditioning system in Pompano Beach is that it is simple and easy to use. Its automation feature contributes to this simplicity. It enables the system to filter and soften the water for you without the need to operate it manually.

The EC5 water conditioning system has very few moving parts. This feature makes it more reliable and easy to operate. This advanced water treatment system comes in different types and configurations. The experts at Coastal Energy Water and Air can help you choose a water conditioner for your home.


With the EC5 water conditioning system, you will receive abundant clean and soft water in your home for a long time. This is because it has a durable design.

This water conditioner also has high flow rates that allow water to flow consistently without losing pressure. Additionally, it has a self-cleaning valve that ensures dependable performance and increases the system’s lifespan.

Has Fail-safe Features

The EC5 water conditioning system in Pompano Beach has a float system that prevents water from overflowing. It also has a backup system with a built-in battery to protect data in case of a power outage.

In summary, installing an EC5 water conditioning system will help you save water and deal with the effects of hard water. Contact Coastal Energy Water and Air to have EC5 Water Conditioning System installed in your home.