Clean water matters to everyone. However, everyone cares about their water on different levels. Some people want their whole home to only use fresh, natural water. While others only place this emphasis on clean water when it comes to consuming it. Whatever part of the spectrum you fall on, Coastal Energy Water & Air offers products that are RainSoft in Pompano Beach. RainSoft products are the best around for enhancing the quality of life where water is concerned. Whatever way you want your natural water, you can have it when you shop at Rainsoft Pompano Beach at Coastal Energy Water & Air.  Here are 3 must-have products for your Pompano Beach home!

  • Rainsoft Water Treatment System

Bad water does not only do harm when consumed. It can also affect you when you shower and when you wear the clothes washed in it. While not everyone’s tap water is going to be harmful, it may not necessarily be safe. For those who want their water to be guaranteed clean and natural every way it comes, the RainSoft water treatment system is for you. This system gets installed in your home by the Coastal Energy Water & Air team, then voila, you are ready to go. The water system ensures all the water in your home is filtered. From the water you shower with to the water you cook with, it’s all safe and natural. Anyone worried about their water can achieve peace of mind with this system installed. You will never have to worry about what’s in your water and how it may change over time. The water treatment system will allow you to live stress-free.


  • Hydrefiner Water Filtration Systems

Maybe the entire home having all-natural water isn’t at the top of your priority list. But, you still care about the water you directly consume. When it comes down to consuming water, it’s not just the water you drink, but the water you use when cooking. And to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking can add up. It’s one thing paying for water bottles to drink out of, but cooking takes up significantly more water. When this becomes a concern and constantly buying bottled water becomes too much of a task, it’s time to consider other options. The hydrefiner water filtration systems by RainSoft ensures you have fresh water all the time. Many people choose to install this product in their kitchen for easy drinking and cooking access. With the water filtration system, you will never have to worry about water bottles or constantly refilling a Brita. The water is there and ready to go.


  • EC5 OxyTech

The quality of the water matters, but not just for consumption reasons. Your water quality also matters for laundry and showering. You may be wondering why, but let us explain. When you wash your laundry, you want it to come out smelling fresh and clean. However, sometimes tap water causes freshly cleaned clothes to smell musty. And you aren’t going to leave them like that, causing you to wash them again until they smell fresh. This scenario is time-consuming and wasteful. But, with the EC5 OxyTech from RainSoft, sold at Coastal Energy Water & Air, this is no longer a problem. This system filters out minerals such as excessive iron, magnesium, and more, out of the tap water. Doing this helps freshen up the water and ensures your laundry is clean every time. People forget that these minerals can do more harm than they think. It isn’t just about consumption; these minerals can cause rust in your showers and stain your clothes. 

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When it comes to the tap water in your home, it can sometimes do more harm than good. Many people seem to consider the ramifications of drinking it or cooking with it, but it turns out it can be harmful to your home and items, too. However, this isn’t a problem with RainSoft Pompano Beach products installed in your home. To learn more about these water purifying products, reach out to the team at (954) 333-3336 to learn what would be best for you.