Water Purifier

Pure, clean drinking water does not need to come from fancy water bottles or super popular filters. There are other less wasteful and more convenient ways to have healthier drinking water in your home. Two examples are the RainSoft water filters from Coastal Energy Water & Air, Ultrefiner II, and Hydrefiner II. With one or both of these water purifiers in your home, you can have fresh water ready to go 24/7. You can say goodbye to running to the store for more bottled water and replacements. With these water purifiers, life becomes a little bit easier. If you aren’t sure which one of these two is best for you, keep reading to find out why each filter is unique.

Ultrefiner II

The first water purifier product is Ultrefiner II. This water purifier takes it to the next level by having multiple layers of stage filters. You are not just getting one round of purification when you use this filter with your water. Your water is getting filtered through many times, guaranteeing that it is fresh. Now, the multiple layers are not even the best part. What makes this purifier as great as it is are the features. For one, this water purifier can get installed into your sink. Many people emphasize clean water for drinking reasons. This emphasis is why bottled water and refrigerated filters draw people’s eyes. However, there’s no point in using these products if you are still cooking with the tap water. It entirely defeats the purpose. That is why Ultrefiner II is a sound investment. You get it installed into your sink, so the tap water coming through is now pure. Having this ensures your drinking water is clean along with the water you use to cook. You no longer have to purchase bottled water or new filters every year when you can have a one-time installation and feed with a water purifier. That, along with the convenience, makes it a game-changer.

Hydrefiner II

Another RainSoft water purifier product at Coastal Energy Water & Air is the Hydrefiner II. This water purifying system is similar to Ultrefiner II in some ways but remains unique. For those who loved bottled water, from the taste to the quality, this is the system for you. This water purifying system takes everything great about water bottles but makes them even better. Instead of having to buy a new pack of water bottles every week, you can have the Hydrefiner II handy in your home year-round. The installation process is one and done, making your life instantly easier. Our team will come out and install this purifier underneath your sink for pure and fresh water every time you turn on the sink. Now, instead of having to go out and buy fresh water, you have it every time you use your sink. You can also put this purifier wherever you want. While most people use this product in their kitchen, you can install it in your bathrooms as well. One reason this purifier is so popular in the kitchen is because of its low price and ability to filter out bad tastes. If you have ever cooked food and felt that the flavoring was a little off, it could be the water. The minerals and chemicals in your water can throw off the flavor of the food and drinks you cook with unclean water. 

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If you have any issues with your water, it may come down to the quality and minerals in it. Tap water is hit or miss. Even if it is pure and healthy, it may come with an odd taste. To combat any tap water problems in your home, the best thing to do is have a purifier installed. With a water purifier, your sink tap water is always fresh and taste-less. You never have to worry about weird flavors in your drinking or cooking water. To learn more about each product and the installation, reach out to our team today at (954) 333-3336. The Coastal Energy Water & Air team is here to answer any questions you may have.