Water Filter, Water Treatment System

Tons and tons of households have water filter products for water consumption. From sink filters to kitchen fridge filters, everyone has their preference. But, water consumption is not the only thing that should be filtered. Water should get filtered in all aspects. Your shower water, laundry water, and sink water all should receive the same special treatment. We get that when it comes to health, the water you consume takes top priority. But, we would bet your home and belongings would be close seconds. When the tap water throughout your home is not filtered, you run into problems. And while our Coastal Energy Water & Air team offer water treatment systems for the entire house, you don’t need to take it to that extreme. If you are looking for something milder that gets the job done, the RainSoft EC5 OxyTech filter is right for you.

What Does the EC5 OxyTech Do?

We get that this filter may sound high-tech and unnecessary at first glance. However, it’s the perfect water filter for Pompano Beach. To put it in simple terms, this system filters out the extra sulfur, iron, and magnesium in your home’s tap water. If you didn’t know that these properties were in your water, now you know. And while they aren’t necessarily bad to have in the water, they become bad in excess. It’s true what they say, anything in too large of quantities becomes negative.

What are the Benefits of the EC5 OxyTech?

The main benefit of this water filter in Pompano Beach is that you are no longer getting damage done to your belongings or home because of water. What many people do not realize is that the minerals in water can do some harm in excess. Maybe it’s not always going to be noticeable or come through the system in excess, but all it takes is a few times. Or, in the case of laundry, it takes one instance. The EC5 OxyTech gets rid of the minerals, resulting in less home damage in the sinks and showers. You also don’t have to stress about your clothing in the wash. These things are something we never think we have to worry about, but with tap water, you never really know. The system doesn’t just protect your home, though. It also monitors itself. Many people are opposed to water filter systems because of the time they need to put into it. But, the RainSoft EC5 OxyTech comes with an app that monitors itself once set up. All you have to do is have your notifications on just in case there is an issue. Although, once people have this system, they have it for the long-run. It’s made to last.

What Damage Does Excess Minerals Do?

You might be wondering what kind of damage can come from general minerals in tap water. Well, the possibilities go on and on, but there are a few more common things. If you have ever done laundry and noticed a musty, egg-like smell after, that is a perfect example. Clean, freshly washed laundry should smell nice. But, excess minerals can cause clothes to smell dirty. The minerals can also stain your clothing with dark-colored spots. This proves to be a major problem when it comes to washing lighter colored clothing. You also have to worry about damages to the sink and shower. Tap water minerals can cause rust to form. The worst part is that it isn’t rust you can get rid of; it stains the tub and sinks. No one is going to want to have that in their home. The only thing you can do is repair it, costing you time and money. But with the EC5 OxyTech water filter in Pompano Beach, these problems cease to exist.

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Water filters in Pompano Beach are not just for water consumption. They are also available to protect your home from damages and protect your items. While tap water is not always bad, there are sometimes where it can do more harm than good. To protect your home and belongings, the best thing you can do is have an NC5 OxyTech water filter installed. Contact us today to see how we can help!