air purifier system

Pre-COVID, there may not have been a lot of thought put into the quality of the air your family is breathing in your home…but that was before everyone was stuck in the house for days or longer. The Environmental Protection Agency had said the average home can be 4 to 40x more dirty than the air outside. That was a few years ago. Imagine now, with the amount of time you and your family spend indoors with the windows closed tight? You owe it to yourself and them to learn more about the AirMaster Ultra, the air purification system that cleans and freshens air throughout your entire home.

The AirMaster Ultra from RainSoft and Coastal Energy Water & Air in Pompano Beach uses natural, light-based processes with ultraviolet (UV) and ozone purification methods. Air passes through the UV light zone, wherein most airborne bacteria and molds are killed. Then the air passes by the ozone lamp, where remaining odors are neutralized. Everything happens continuously (and silently) as your air handler runs, and there are no disgustingly dusty filters to change.

You can read all about the AirMaster Ultra on the Air Purifier page of the website (here). What we’d like to explore today, which can’t be covered on the site with all the changing circumstances, is what benefits it offers when the Coronavirus is part of the consideration.

The Benefits of an AirMaster Ultra Air Purification System during Quarantine

Function: Can you even ever kill *enough* contaminants in the air these days? We tend to think not. Part of the reason we wear masks everywhere now is that we have no idea if anyone else is contaminated or even if we ourselves became contaminated at some point. Destroying as many contaminants as possible, while simultaneously neutralizing unwanted odors, makes this system custom made for today’s reality.

Performance: The operating status is easily determined at-a-glance with LED indicators, while the two light-based processes of UV light (to kill airborne bacteria and the molds that contribute to household allergies) and the specifically designed ozone lamp (to effectively neutralize problem odors) are both time-tested technologies.

Economy: The unit draws 47 watts, using less power than a standard light bulb. It also uses special nonfilament UV lamps that last 3x longer than a standard filament lamp. These seem nominal, but when you add those savings up over the lifetime of the product running in your home and helping your family fight allergens and odors, it results in significant savings when all is said and done.

Safety & Security: The AirMaster Ultra Air Purifier from Coastal Energy Water & Air comes complete with an automatic airflow sensor, ensuring that the unit only operates when air is flowing from your A/C system (or your furnace…the handful of days each year South Floridians use our furnaces).

Reliability: The only maintenance required is periodically changing the lamps, which is a service performed by your RainSoft dealer (who will absolutely be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing when coming over to perform that routine procedure).

How does an air purifier help during these times?

Whether we are in a formal quarantine or just going out less out of an abundance of caution, we are all at home more, and could some help with all of the day-to-day that impacts the way we breathe. For example: With the AirMaster Ultra Air Purifier, you can begin reducing the dust and pollen, and pet dander that irritates everyone’s allergies and asthma. When you stop the family from chronically sneezing, you will be everyone’s hero.

Also, get rid of the strongest of food odors in record time. Because when you have lots of people in a small space, removing odors quickly becomes a priority.

So when do we begin?

One of the best features of the AirMaster Ultra from RainSoft is that it is a low maintenance system. The only thing required is the change of the unique ozone lamp designed to eliminate strong and problematic odors. Other than that, there is no need for you to do anything except to call us to perform the service.

If you have any questions or just want to schedule an installation, give Coastal Energy Water & Air of Pompano Beach a call at 954-333-3336, and we’ll start making your air cleaner ASAP!