Water Test

Water gets utilized in almost every aspect of the home. From the cooking water to the washing machine water, everyone needs it to run their household. But, sometimes, we feel hesitant or on edge about our tap water. Whether it looks odd, tastes funky, or smells peculiar, these are all signs that your tap water is not as clean as you might have thought. Even if it isn’t the worst water, if you don’t feel confident drinking it, it’s not a bad idea to consider your options.


One option we recommend is to pursue a water test. With this test, you get the opinion of experts and can know for sure if your water is safe or not. You also have the opportunity to ask any questions about your water and learn more about products that can filter it for you. Not sure if you should get your water tested? Let the Coastal Energy Water Air team help you make your decision!


Your Clothes Do Not Come Out Clean


If you notice your clothing does not come out clean when you wash it, it could be a fluke. But if it happens more than once, it could be your tap water. The tap water is supposed to provide a blank slate for your clothing, contributing to what keeps it clean. But, when the water is full of contaminants and debris, it’s challenging to have a clean load of laundry. You might find yourself washing your clothes multiple times for them to end up less than fresh or smelling funky. If this is the case, getting your water tested could reveal the cleanliness of your water and determine the culprit.


Your Bathtub or Shower Has Stains


With the minerals and debris in the water constantly hitting the bathtub or shower floor, you might find that there are some stains left behind. These stains might show up in various colors. But if you see them, you can almost guarantee that it’s the water. But, to make sure, it doesn’t hurt to rule out the products in your bathtub or shower. That way, you know the only problem you need to tackle is the water supply. At that point, getting an expert’s opinion can settle the situation once and for all. With a water test, the Coastal Energy Water Air team can take a closer look at your water and determine if it’s full of contaminates. Knowing which contaminates or debris you have can help you understand more about the stains and figure out the best method for fixing them.


You Have Constant Pipe Problems


Stains on dishes, bathtubs, and shower floors, and issues with less than clean clothing, are less than ideal. But, structure problems, such as corroded pipes, are worst and can become expensive. If you find yourself spending money on your pipes or always having pipe-related issues, it’s time to get a test done. The test will let you know if the pipe issues are from the water. If so, you can fix the problems by looking into Coastal Energy Water Air’s many water purifier products.


You and Your Loved Ones Have Frequent Health Concerns


The stomach bug is common and spreads around every year. But, once it passes through your system, you are usually good to go. However, those who suffer from the stomach bug for extended periods may be wondering what’s going on. If this sounds like your situation or someone else you live with, it could be the tap water. Tap water that has lead and other bacteria can cause health issues. If you find yourself going on vacation and feeling fine, then going home and not feeling okay, it’s likely the water.


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To get your water test, contact the Coastal Energy Water Air team today at (954) 333-3336! We have our water experts come out to your home and do a professional test for you. Then, we can get a deeper look at your water quality and let you know our thoughts. If you decide that you want the peace of mind of clean water, we can guide you through the problem and introduce you to products and systems that help. With our help, you can have fresh and clean water!