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You have spent a lot of money on your appliances, and you don’t want to see them go to ruin due to limescale buildup. How do you know if you have limescale? The signs are pretty obvious. Limescale deposits look like white or green chalk on your appliances and they frequently develop in appliances with a heating system, such as your coffee maker. This problem is common if you have hard water, which is yet another reason to install a water filtration system in Davie. The team at Coastal Energy Water & Air will share an effective way you can take to keep limescale from harming your home and products.

Is Limescale Really Bad?

Aside from making your appliances less appealing, what is limescale, and what harm can it cause? Limescale is residue from minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It can do a lot more than affect your dishes – it can affect your plumbing, hair, skin, and clothes, too. It’s commonly found inside kettles, coffeemakers, water heaters, and around taps and pipework. An abundance of limescale is found in hard water, but even soft water has traces of limescale within it, just not at the harmful degree of hard water.

If you don’t address limescale buildup, it can create problems around your home:

  • Block your pipes and faucets, which reduces your water pressure
  • Force you to use more soap to thoroughly clean off residue
  • Leave a bad taste in your tap water
  • Leave water marks on all your dry dishes

The good news is, limescale does not cause significant harm to your health. However, it can cause skin sensitivity and irritation, so if you suffer from any skin conditions, you will benefit from using a water filtration system in Davie in more ways than one.

How To Prevent Limescale

You can easily prevent the buildup of limescale from wreaking havoc on your home. One method is installing a water filter on your faucets and taps to filter out salt and minerals that cause buildup. This is a quick and affordable solution if your kitchen appliances are becoming less effective because of the level of limescale in your hard water. However, water filters don’t treat the entire home.

If you want to turn all the water in your home into soft water, you will benefit more by installing a water softener system. This system removes the minerals that cause limescale, but throughout your entire home. As a result, your appliances, laundry, skin, and hair will no longer be affected by it. Having soft water flow through your home can also make your appliances work more efficiently, like your laundry machine and dishwasher, which can save you money.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Soft Water

Limescale buildup can easily be stopped in its tracks with a water softener. By owning a water filtration system in Davie, you will also enjoy the many benefits of soft water:

  • Soaps and other cleaning products will easily produce a lather
  • Clothes will be cleaner and free from residue
  • It will take less time to wash dishes and dishes will be cleaner
  • Fewer water pressure problems throughout your home
  • Appliances will last longer
  • Hair and skin become healthier and cleaner
  • No longer have to descale
  • Prevent damages from calcification
  • Better tasting coffee and tea

Contact The Pros

There is an admirable DIY mentality among homeowners these days. Nevertheless, there are certain projects that are better left to the professionals. Many homeowners are taking a more natural approach by making DIY scale removers with acidic fruits. However, they risk damaging their appliances and fixtures this way Others know the benefits of using a soft water system but try installing it themselves. In these situations, unless you know what you’re doing, you should rely on the expertise of a trained professional, like the team at Coastal Energy Water and Air.

Our 90+ employees are proud to provide clean, quality RainSoft water and products to customers in South Florida. All sales and installations are performed by Water Quality Association and Stenner certified technicians directly supervised by our owner. We will also test your water (for free) to see if you have a contamination problem.

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