Water Filtration

Buying a home is considered a significant investment. However, aside from location and prices, there are other factors you need to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is the water system. People who buy homes away from the city are likely to buy a house with a well water system, which is a great difference from the municipal water system.

If you buy a home with a well water system, there are a few things you need to do to maintain it. With the help of a reputable Water Filtration System company such as Coastal Energy Water and Air, Florida, you can install reliable Water Purifiers. They can also help you with your Water Test to ensure your household water supply is free of toxic substances.

With the help of an expert, here are a few things you need to do before connecting your Water Filtration System Boca Raton, Florida:


Test Your Well Water Annually

Buying a home with a well water system comes with the challenge of finding the quality you want. Because of the changing quality of well water, you need to test your water regularly. This way, you can protect your loved ones. Water testing is designed to look for contaminants such as bacteria, manganese, water hardness, nitrates, iron, and sulfides. If the levels are too low or too high, then the expert can come up with a workable solution to purify it. You can approach this as a DIY project by buying a testing kit or providing an expert with a water sample.


Get Your Well Water System Inspected

Aside from testing, it would be best to get the well itself professionally inspected at least once a year. Your well water system, which includes the Water Filtration System, plays an integral role in keeping your water clean and safe. If it´s not operating optimally, then it could be a cause for alarm. Inspecting a well system is not your typical DIY job – you need a professional. An expert will check to see if the well, well pump, and filtration system is working properly. Once they assess the damage, they can advise you accordingly as to the best approach to rectify a problem, if there is any.


Inspect Your Water Softener

Well water is often exposed to large amounts of mineral content, contributing to its hardness. Domestic use of hard water can be dangerous and can even damage your plumbing system. To avoid the challenges associated with hard water, you should consider installing a water softener for your well water systems. This equipment uses salt to neutralize the effect of concentrated mineral content. You need to regularly check your salt levels and replace the tank when needed.


Keep Well Water Tasting and Smelling Fresh

Most wells are known for producing clean and refreshing water for domestic use. The presence of bacteria and other contaminants can make the water smell and taste different. A filtration system is the best way to deal with major and minor impurities, including hydrogen sulfide. However, if the filtration system is not working, you should consider replacing or repairing the entire well water system.



When buying a home with a well water system, you should do enough research on the water and any regulations needed to stay compliant. With the help of our team at Coastal Energy Water and Air, you can get all the water services needed to keep your home safe and operational. Contact us for more information.