Water Treatment System

The standard of the water supply is a crucial measure of ecological health. High-quality water is essential to the survival of humans, animals, and aquatic life and plays a critical role in preserving biodiversity. That is why Coastal Energy Water and Air services include the provision of water treatment for home in Pompano Beach to keep you and your domestic or commercial water users safe and healthy. 

Multiple factors contribute to degraded quality, hence, requiring water treatment. As a result, it is crucial to monitor water quality to spot emerging environmental issues and create efficient prevention measures and systemic remedies.

Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Turbidity

The turbidity of water indicates how clear it is.

Calculating turbidity as part of water quality check requires knowing the quantity of Total Suspended Solids. TSS refers to suspended solids (solids) in the water that are bigger than 2 microns, such as sand, gravel, silt, algae, and clay. 

When dead organisms rot, solids with a lower specific gravity sink to the bottom of an aquatic environment. When there are many of them, the surface gets murky, requiring water treatment.

pH scale

pH shows how basic or acidic a water body is. pH is measured on a scale spanning 0 to 14, where 0 is neutral, and 14 is acidic. The lower the number, the more acidic the water; the bigger the number, the more basic the water. A 7 represents a tepid response.

What factors result in a shift in the water’s pH? Pollutants such as sulfuric acid rain, exhaust from cars, agricultural runoff, accidental spills, and sewage overflow have a role, even though they may not require water filtration systems. The pH scale is another important indication of water quality since significant shifts could negatively affect aquatic life.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 

Humans, animals, and plants all need oxygen to survive. Thus, water supplies must have it. However, severe issues can arise with life support if the water contains an extremely high oxygen concentration. This is why monitoring dissolved oxygen levels, or the levels of oxygen that aquatic organisms can use is essential.


Ecosystem health can be measured during the water quality check by counting the number of microalgae in a body of water; such organisms are called bioindicators. Living things like plants, animals, plankton, and microorganisms are natural and organic indicators of environmental contamination that provide essential information for evaluating water quality.

Light, temperature, water, and suspended particulates in water are only a few environmental elements that might affect bioindicators. It is possible to eradicate all impurities in your domestic or commercial water using Coastal Energy Water and Air products or purchasing their clean water. The human environment affects our ecological systems’ health by causing a shift in bioindicators.


All living things rely on nitrogen as a vital nutrient, and water filtration systems can remove it.

However, high levels of nitrates, which can be caused by the discharge of animal and human waste, agricultural activity, and industrial pollutants, could promote algal development and decrease levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. This kills killing aquatic life such as fish. 

Water Temperature

Different aquatic creatures thrive best in additional water and temperature conditions, and water temperature indicates its quality.

Dissolved oxygen levels and the susceptibility of aquatic life to parasites, disease, and pollution are also influenced by water temperature. 

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