air purifier system

When we think of air pollution, we usually think of the air outdoors. Rarely do we ever consider that indoor air can be polluted. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air indoors is five times more polluted than the air outdoors, and this is because the air inside of a home or building is not circulated like the air outdoors. Indoor pollutants can cause a myriad of health problems and exacerbate present health conditions. Fortunately, home air purification systems will make the air cleaner offering numerous benefits.

Helps Alleviates the Symptoms of Asthma

According to the CDC, one out of every 12 people has been diagnosed with asthma. Individuals living with asthma have inflamed airways that make them struggle with breathing when the air is polluted. With dust particles, pollen, and pet dander. Air purifiers have filters that are designed to filter pollutants out of the air, so the air is clean to breathe. Individuals with asthma can breathe easier and look forward to a significant reduction in symptoms. The same is true for pets who suffer from asthma.

Decreases the Risks of Airborne Illnesses

Airborne illnesses, such as the flu and common cold, are passed through unseen pathogens that are floating in indoor air. If one person in the household contracts an airborne illness, then everyone else is sure to become sick because all are breathing in the same air that contains the germs. The filter in an air purification system will capture these germs and prevent them from causing illness making an air purification system a must for those who are immune compromised. 

Increases Life Expectancy for Both humans and Animals

Over time, tiny particles build up in the lungs of both people and animals, and some make their way into the bloodstream causing neurological and cardiac issues. Harmful gases from common household cleaning solutions accumulate in the bodies of both people and pets causing chemical sensitivities and other debilitating illnesses. Top-quality house air purifiers can trap even the finest particles from the air to keep them from interfering with health and vitality thus increasing life expectancy. 

Gets Rid of Bad Odors

Air purifiers also remove bad odors from the environment. The filters in air purifiers are designed to absorb all unpleasant odors so the air always remains clean and fresh. Be sure to ask about carbon filters as these are the best at removing unpleasant odors.

As can be seen, having an air purifier in the home is highly beneficial. If you are ready to improve the quality of life for yourself and any pets you may have in the home, contact Coastal Energy Water and Air to receive a top-quality home air purification unit that is guaranteed to remove even the tiniest particles that can negatively impact health.