Water Purifier

Tap water may appear to be clean and fresh, but it contains a lot of impurities and contaminants that can have an impact on your health and well-being. Chlorine, E. coli, and inorganic chemicals are commonly found in tap water, making it necessary to use water treatment in Fort Myers. If you’re ready to invest in a water purifier, it’s important to know what to look for to purchase the right product.

Obtain a Water Quality Report

Start by obtaining a water quality report, which will tell you which contaminants are present in your tap water to determine which type of water treatment will work most effectively. The water quality can be tested by a lab or you can use an at-home TDS test, which is more cost-effective. The TDS of your drinking water should be between 50 to 150 to ensure it’s safe to use and consume. You can even obtain a free water test by a company like Coastal Energy Water and Air.

Consider the Technology

There are many different technologies in use with water purifiers, making it necessary to consider what’s available in the industry and choose the right Rainsoft water treatment system. UV water purifiers are effective in killing viruses and bacteria that circulate. UF technology blocks any bacteria viruses, making them stay in the UF hollow fiber membrane. Sediment filtration is another type of technology commonly used. Carbon filtration is also extremely common and works well for removing odors and chlorine from water.

When you’re looking for water treatment for homes in Fort Myers, there are even products that use technology to purify the water. Electric purifiers work well for removing bacteria, dissolved solids, and bacteria. These types of contaminants are common to find in water that is present in urban areas and neighborhoods. The non-electric versions are not as advanced but are available at a lower price point, depending on your budget.

Additionally, consider your water source when choosing the right Rainsoft water treatment system to ensure it works more effectively.

Whole-House Treatment Systems

Not only is it important to have clean drinking water that comes out of your faucet, but it’s important to have a whole-house treatment system to ensure the water you have contact with in the shower or while washing your produce is safe to use. Water treatment for homes in Fort Myers conveniently allows you to have clean access to water in each room of the house, which can allow your hair to feel cleaner and will make your fruits and vegetables safe to consume. You don’t have to worry about only having access to clean water in the kitchen when performing different tasks during the day.

Learning more about the type of water treatment in Fort Myers to choose from can allow you to make an informed decision and enjoy a product that lasts long-term on your property. Contact us today to learn more about our water purifier products and schedule an appointment to have it installed in your home.