Water Filtration

Water contributes to a large composition of the human body, hence the need to stay properly hydrated. This composition also has a great influence on the optimal functioning of our biological systems. In our bid to stay hydrated, we find ourselves seeking clean and safe water for consumption. However, it is possible to be exposed to contaminants carried in water, depending on the source and cleaning process used.

1. Fresh Taste and Odor

It is not uncommon for tap water to have an accompanying taste and odor. These odors and tastes can be quite off-putting when trying to hydrate. This state is attributed to the various water treatment regimens and the state of the pipework. The best water filtration system for Florida is widely preferred as this taste and odor are removed, guaranteeing fresh water with good taste.

2. Cost Effective

While consuming bottled water is healthy and has been vastly adopted, it tends to be quite costly. This cost arises from the use of plastic bottles to package the water. It would be ideal to consider a more affordable option for your water intake, such as filtered water. While filters may seem costly to purchase, they are able to save you a lot in the long run.

3. Eliminates Toxins

Water solubility allows it to dissolve and carry numerous toxins. Tap water, in particular, carries lead and other metallic residues from the pipework. Shifting from tap water to filtered water eliminates the intake of these harmful substances, in the long run, ensuring good health.

4. Reduces Cancer Risk

Florida water softener companies use chlorine to treat water, making it suitable for consumption. However, long-term use of chlorinated water has been proven to increase the risk of cancer by up to 93%. Water filtration eliminates the need to use chlorine to purify water safeguarding an individual’s health.

5. Healthy Minerals

Our water filtration system in Fort Myers, FL has the ability to get rid of harmful minerals and retain vital minerals in your drinking water. This makes it an ideal consideration over other sources.

6. Microorganisms

Water carries a lot of microorganisms and other organic contaminants. Water filtration has the ability to eliminate these dangers and ensure peak health for the consumer.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Bottled water has become a problem for the environment. Given the vast use of these bottles, there is a high volume of plastic waste. While recycling efforts are being emphasized worldwide, they do not compare to the water filtration system in Fort Myers, FL as an environmentally friendly alternative. In the long run, considering water filtration such as Coastal Energy Water and Air ensures an improved quality of life for everyone.

8. Better Food and Drink Quality

Using filtered water for cooking and food processing ensures better tasting and quality food. This water also ensures no contaminants in your food and ensures good health in the long term. Florida water softener companies are able to guarantee this quality.

While bottled water may be considered clean and safe, it would be commendable to consider filtered water, given the above-mentioned benefits. Feel free to contact Coastal Energy Water and Air for the best water filtration system for Florida.