Water Treatment System

You can see it in the glass: your tap water isn’t entirely clear. This realization can drive many individuals to do research into filtration systems and their benefits. Adding a filtration system to your home can be the difference between drinking dirty water versus enjoying crystal clear water that refreshes you. Coastal Energy Air & Water is a dealer of the RainSoft Water Treatment System located right here in Pompano Beach. RainSoft Water Treatment System is the top accessible water conditioning and softening system on the market. To learn more about RainSoft Water Treatment System and its benefits, please continue reading!


Water is vital for health, and at Coastal Energy Air & Water, we aim to provide the cleanest water to the Pompano Beach families. Did you know that the average Pompano Beach family of four uses more than 200 gallons of water a day? It might seem impossible to believe, but it is true! Consider how much you and your family shower, wash your hair, go to the bathroom, or consume water.


Water intake is a regular aspect of our everyday lives that we don’t pay much attention to. Many people find out how awful their water quality way too late in their life. Whether it’s the smell, taste, or color, the water treatment system can need to be replaced. Coastal Energy Air and Water is the number one RainSoft water filtration dealer in Pompano Beach. If you’re still unconvinced, consider the following:


Gets Rid of Unwanted Chemicals

According to new studies, unhealthy sediments and contaminants will find their way into your drinking water, exposing your family to unforeseen health risks. When you use a RainSoft Water Treatment System, you can be assured that the water is clean and free of harmful pollutants any time you drink a glass of water or take a shower.


Damages Your Pipes

Minerals, calcium deposits, and chemical sludge may collect and clog your home’s pipe system. This buildup can weaken your pipes over time, potentially causing damage to your plumbing system. The dilemma is completely avoided with a RainSoft Treatment System!


Your Food Will Taste Better

Washing raw fruits and vegetables with a RainSoft Water Treatment System can make a big difference, especially when you get fresh produce from the Pompano Beach Farmer’s Market.  The taste and overall quality of your food will improve as a result of cleaner and higher quality water!


Washing Your Hair

If the water in your shower is rough and of low quality, your hair and body may suffer the consequences. Rather than dealing with dull, frizzy hair and dry skin, changing your water treatment system to a RainSoft will not only increase your water pressure but will also leave your hair and skin looking healthier than ever!


Better Than Bottled Water

You will not only save money by not purchasing countless cases of bottled water, but you will also save tons of waste from polluting the oceans and adding to already overcrowded landfills. With RainSoft’s filtered water, you can help combat pollution while still enjoying water that tastes better than store-bought water.

Coastal Energy Water & Air is the leading RainSoft Water Softener System distributor in Pompano Beach. Coastal Energy Water & Air has been enhancing the Quality of Life for our customers and their families for over 40 years by providing environmentally friendly air and water management solutions for their homes. For those in Pompano Beach looking to learn more information about the RainSoft water filtration system, call the team at Coastal Energy Water & Air at (954) 333-3336!