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Are you a local business looking to install commercial water filtration? Are you trying to decide whether or not it’s worth the investment? Are you considering multiple types of filtration units? If so, you’re in the right place. At Coastal Water Energy & Air, we’re professionals in the water filtration arena with decades of experience. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of our top reasons to install water systems in your local business. Keep reading to learn more! 


Do I Need a Commercial Water Filtration Installation? 


The biggest question that comes up for businesses is whether or not they truly need to install a water filtration system. Of course, nothing is necessary, though there are pretty compelling arguments for the installation. In Cleveland, did you know that it takes 5000 miles of pipes to supply water to their businesses from Lake Erie? With some water, you can smell the harmful minerals before you even taste them. This is a sign that the water you’re using comes with side effects. Sure, nothing may change immediately, but over time, those chemicals can be hazardous. A few signs that your water is less than adequate is cloudiness, discoloration, odors, stains on sinks, and funky tastes. Water should be colorless, clear, non-odor giving, and completely taste-free. If your water doesn’t meet these requirements without a water filter, then it’s time to invest in one. 


The reason being is that as a business owner, your customers and employees want to know that you take their health seriously. This means that you invest in their wellbeing, and that includes the quality of water that they consume. If you’re a company that offers your clients waters when they arrive, you’ll want to give them water that they don’t even think twice about. Of course, you can always give your clients bottled water, but did you know that bottles of plastic can take decades to decompose? This can be a turn off for clients who are more environmentally aware, and it can also cost you thousands of dollars a year, for multiple years in a row. 


When you invest in a water filtration system, you’re saving money on the water bottles you’d purchase. Sure, a filter is an upfront investment, but it saves during the long-term. Water filtration units can be installed throughout the entire building, within the water system itself, or on individual water outlets including sinks and showers. The benefits of freshwater systems are that they don’t take up space, they’re sustainable for the environment, they look better to visitors and guests, and it’s a cost-effective solution with little repairs or replacements necessary. 


If you’re wondering how a filtration system works, it’s a very simple process. Carbon water filters are the most common types and are often secured to the output location of showerheads or sink faucets. As the water passes through, a sediment pre-filter looks for materials such as dirt. While it seems strange to think that dirt would ever end up in your drinking water, you’d be surprised! Often, these contaminants are microscopic, making it challenging to notice. This pre-filter also takes out the elements that can make water smell, look, or taste unusual. Chlorine and minerals tend to be quite popular. Last, but not least, the filter reduces these elements and pushes through the clean aspects of the water. Other types of common filters include Reverse Osmosis options, which work to remove iron, copper, radium, lead, and more. 

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