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The great thing about the world of podcasting is the fact that there are educated and informed podcasters out there that are covering virtually every topic that comes to mind. The topic of water is no exception. You will learn a wealth of valuable information about water when you tune into the podcasts listed here. These are the top 5 most informative water podcasts that you should be listening to right now. 


The What’s Up with Water Podcast 


The What’s Up with Water Podcast is released weekly. It is put out by a team at the Circle of Blue. They are a global network of scientists and journalists who cover the latest news related to the current shortage of fresh water that is being experienced around the world. You can tune in to their broadcasts on leading podcast platforms such as SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. 


The Water Nerds Podcast 


Though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, the reality is that water is one of the most important elements of your day-to-day life. The Water Nerds Podcast focuses on highlighting the vital role that water plays across the United States. If you are considering adding a water filtration system in Alva, this podcast regularly offers information that will assist you in understanding its benefits. You can catch the latest episodes on Spreaker. 


The Water Values Podcast 


Various aspects of today’s water industry are discussed in different episodes of The Water Values Podcast. Topics include water resources, treatment, and utilities. Listeners can also expect guest appearances by leading water industry executives. The podcast is available on platforms that include RSS and Apple Podcasts. 


The Water Women Podcast 


The Water Women Podcast is the creation of Jill Corey. She is a marine biology student who focuses on highlighting women who are currently doing amazing work on topics related to the world’s oceans. Podcast guests regularly include leading professors as well as professional divers and respected documentary makers. You can catch the latest episodes of The Water Women Podcast on 


The Water Talk Podcast 


The Water Talk Podcast is presented by the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of California. It is hosted by Faith Kearns, Millika Nocco, and Sam Sandoval. This is another must-listen podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about the amazing world of water and the crucial role that it plays in today’s society. The latest episodes for the podcast are available at audio.buzzsprout. 


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