Water Softener

Many people underestimate the value of good-quality soft water in their homes.

This can be because they are used to hard water or because they have not experienced soft water. Whatever the reason, soft water is wildly different from hard water, and it changes the way your home functions.

Hard water in your home is like poison through its veins. It creates a buildup that harms your water appliances, affects soaps’ ability to lather properly, and causes problems with your hair and skin.

All these problems occur because of the mineral concentration in hard water. Hence, the reason soft water is so important.

To give you an overview, let’s discuss water softener science and how it helps effectively solve hard water problems in homes.

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Water Softener Science

Here we will discuss hard water minerals and what you can do counter their effects. We will explain why water softeners are the best option and the science that makes them so great.

Hard Water Minerals

While you may think minerals in water are a good thing, the minerals in hard water are not. Hard water typically contains excess dissolved minerals like manganese, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals dissolve in groundwater and make their way to your home.

They can cause buildup and clog your pipes because the heavy mineral buildup or limescale is tough to break up. Moreover, it can cause appliances like washing machines and dishwashers to clog up internally, and it can leave unattractive stains on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

So, how do you solve this problem?

Hard Water Solutions

There are three popular solutions to hard water in homes. However, only one of them is an actual solution. The rest are solutions to the symptoms of hard water.

  • Filters

Filters are a good solution to improve the taste of the water. However, they do not solve the hard water problems in your home because they do not filter your tap water or the water in your appliances.

  • Descaling

Descaling can be done through physical means but mostly via a descaling agent. It removes limescale and buildup in your water heating system to avoid costly water heater repairs. This does not solve the root cause either, which is hard water.

  • Water Softeners

Using water softeners, like RainSoft Water Softeners, is an effective and inexpensive way to decrease hard water minerals in the water meant for home use. 

Water Softener Science

Water softeners use tiny beads, called resin, in water softener tanks. These beads are all negatively charged. This negative charge allows them to attract positively charged sodium ions.

Similarly, hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium ions are also positively charged. However, their charge is stronger than that of sodium ions. When hard water passes through the water softener, the magnesium and calcium ions replace the sodium ions on the resin.

The sodium ions get replaced because of the stronger charge of hard water minerals. As a result, the water you get in your home contains sodium ions that have replaced the harmful hard water minerals. Sodium ions have no adverse effect on plumbing pipes, soap, or the skin.

Only a negligible amount of salt gets added to your water. Moreover, there is minimal maintenance of the water softener. You need to put the resin through a regeneration cycle, which removes the magnesium and calcium ions and recharges the beads with sodium ions.

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Water softeners can help solve the hard water problems in your home by addressing the root cause – hard water minerals. With water softeners, you get better water quality, no limescale, no clogging due to buildup, and the smooth functioning of your appliances.

With cost-effective water softener solutions, your soap can lather properly, and your hair and skin can feel far better than before. We highly recommend RainSoft Water Softeners from Coastal Energy Water & Air in Pompano Beach, Florida, for the best water softener solutions.

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