Water Softener

It’s not uncommon for many of us to walk into our homes on a hot day and have a cold glass of water. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing drink after being in the sun?

But depending on where that water came from, you could be exposing yourself to more than just a cool drink. When considering the water you consume, you have to also consider all the things that may go into it. 


Especially when drinking directly out of the faucet, or even using faucet water to cook. Though we’ve advanced to safer drinking water and have found ways to treat and protect our water, this doesn’t make it 100% safe. 


Before water hits your home, it travels from the treatment plant through pipes and directly to your home. Because of this extra time spent traveling from the water treatment center to your home, water picks up other minerals and components before making it your home. This makes it so the water isn’t as clean as it was when it left the treatment center. 


With that in mind, it’s no secret that many people are turning to water softeners in South Florida to help bring them clean water. However, a water softener system can do more than just help you with clean water. Keep reading to learn more!


Cleaner Showers and Appliances

When it’s time to clean your shower or give your faucet a wipe down, many of us find that there is scum or buildup throughout. Often times we can usually scrub this off using cleaning products and related items. But there are some instances where scum and buildup have been there for so long that it’s best to just replace the clogged shower head or faucet. With a water softener system, many of the components that lead to buildup are removed and the water you shower with is much cleaner. 


Not only that but a water softener system can help other appliances in your home that use water. For instance, if you have a refrigerator that provides drinking water or makes its own ice, you’ll definitely save money on replacing expensive parts that can become damaged from dirty water.

Cleaner Dishes 

We all have that bowl that stained from spaghetti night or dad’s famous chili night. It doesn’t matter how hard you scrub the dish or how long you let it soak, the stains simply won’t budge. 

This could be the result of the hard water used to wash dishes. Whether you wash them yourself or use a dishwasher, if you’re not using a water softener system chances are your dishes will stain. This is because the minerals and components aren’t easily removed with everyday dish detergents. A water softener system will decrease the number of hard minerals in your water, giving you less build-up on dishes.


Cleaner Clothes

We all have that t-shirt from high school or college or that favorite sweater that we tend to wear frequently. This piece of clothing is usually something that has to be washed weekly and if you’re using hard water to wash, you’re probably noticing its fasting or losing its quality. 


Another telltale sign that hard water is damaging your clothes is leftover stains that seem to never come off. When this happens chances are soap scum and other buildup is sticking to the hard minerals in your water, making it easier for dirt to stick. With a water softener system, dirt and grime can’t stick to the fibers in your clothes as easily because there are fewer hard minerals to stick to. This gives you cleaner clothes that look and feel the way they did when you first got them!

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If you’ve found that the showerheads or faucets in your home seem to always have build-up or scum around them, it may be time to consider a water softener system in South Florida. Not only will this system help you keep a cleaner safer home, but it will reduce the amount of money you spend on new appliances and heavy-duty cleaning products. 


Scum build-up removal is no easy feat, and it’s best to be proactive to prevent extensive damage and costs. A water softener system is the way to do that and the team here at Coastal Energy, Water & Air can help! Give us a call today at 954-333-3336