Water Filter

Water, especially clean water is a hot topic and rightfully so. Most people think they’re drinking clean water but, are unsure if there are still harmful chemicals and pollutants present. They hear stories about polluted water systems and worry about the effects this will have on them and their loved ones, but they are often comforted by the thought of mandating regulations that make it so the water they drink has to be safe. 

However, this isn’t always the case, and when many people consider what the world may consider “safe” versus what we may believe is safe for our own home, they conclude that a water filter gives them much more comfort.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water supply and what’s best for your home.


Is Public Water Supply Really Safe?

Cities and towns use chemicals (such as chlorine) to clean their water supply.  This causes the water to have a distinct taste and smell. Most people become used to it and don’t give it a second thought. However, it’s no secret that many types of bacteria and chemicals still reside in this water; the added chemicals just make them less harmful. Using a water filter doesn’t just make sure unwanted bacteria and chemicals aren’t harmful, but they reduce the presence of them altogether. This reduces exposure to germs, microbes, solvents, hormones, and herbicides. 


Does Boiling Water Really Make it Safer?

It’s no secret that the boiling of water cleans out some of the chemicals and bacteria. However, boiling water does not rid tap water or public water of all of the harmful components that can be found after the water has been boiled. Luckily with the use of a water filter, you can reduce the number of nitrates and lead found in your water making it even safer to drink! 


Avoid The Confusion With a Water Filter!

Water filters offer protection that goes beyond those of cities and towns. It takes out unseen chemicals and microorganisms such as solvents, hormones, herbicides, bacteria, and viruses. Removing these materials make it safer for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. This decreases the bad toxins and microorganisms by improving the purity of the water. A water filter not only gives you peace of mind knowing that you have clean water to cook with, but it also saves you money on bottled water, hard water treatment services, cleaners, and more. 

With Rainsoft, you can rest easy knowing the water you and your family use throughout your home is safe. To get started and learn more about what water treatment options may be best for you, reach out to the team here at Rainsoft today!