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Hard water is safe for washing and drinking, but it contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. These elements dissolve while sitting in wells and public water supplies and ultimately end up in the water you use throughout your home. The greater amounts of them settled into your water, the harder it will be. Many people are not aware of the real damages that come from it over time, and these unknowns create even more problems for their homes. 

Here Are A Few Problems That Come with Hard Water

Hard water creates lots of problems and we’re sure you’ve seen at least one of them in your life. The high levels of magnesium and calcium can alter various parts of your home. This leads to issues such as faulty fixtures, plumbing, appliances, dull hair, skin, clothes, plants, and more work in the house. 


  • Fixtures

The magnesium and calcium can build up in fixtures throughout your home. It forms a white like foam around those areas where the water is coming out and hardens over time. The rubber seals that protect the fixtures break and cause leaks. This eventually slows the efficiency and it clogs the faucet or drains where the water passes through. This damages the fixture and makes it harder for it to function. 

For example, showerheads commonly build up magnesium and calcium. The continuing flow of water reduces the pressure, so if you’ve noticed a decrease in water pressure, check around your shower head for a white or lightly colored build up. This could be the residue left from hard water.  


  • Plumbing

The hard water distributed through pubic or tap water can easily cause clogs in the pipes and plumbing. The magnesium and calcium that settle during water treatment and containment slowly build-up over time inside your plumbing systems. This can cause leaks and build-ups due to concentrated pressure. 


  • Appliances

The build-up of magnesium and calcium reduces the efficiency and lifespan of appliances. This takes longer for the water to reach certain points. The appliance must work harder. This reduces the efficiency and shortens the life of water heaters, icemakers, dishwashers, coffee makers, and washing machines. 


  • Hair & Skin

After washing your hair with hard water, you may notice that the hair looks dull, or it appears to have a film coating on it. This not only leaves your hair looking and feeling dirty, but it can also lead to an excess build-up of oil and dirt throughout your hair

Hard water can also leave a thin layer of film on your skin after bathing. This film can dry out your skin making it harder to stay moisturized. It can also lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and more.


  • Clothes

Washing clothes in this water over time makes them appear dull as you wash and dry them. They lose their colors, feel scratchy, and lose value due to the build-up of calcium and magnesium. This wears the clothes and makes them age a lot sooner than they should.


  • Plants

When catering your plants with hard water, you’ll notice the plants develop a white stain of carbon and calcium. These stains will form in roots and soil, making it harder for the plant to absorb water. Over time, this takes nutrients away from the plant and it makes it harder to grow. 


  • Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the biggest areas affected. The magnesium and calcium left by hard water during daily clean up build-up on doors, tiles, and floors. You may even notice this build up on your dishes after a sin through the dishwasher. A clear, whitish looking film develops on these surfaces, and it becomes harder to clean while losing its color. 


Rainsoft Can Help!

With all of that in mind, you can see how hard water can create numerous problems in the home. The buildup of magnesium and calcium leaves film and discoloration on almost every surface it touches. The best way to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on cleaning products, prescriptions spent on skin and hair conditions, appliances, furniture, and more! 

To learn more about the ways hard water can affect your home, contact the team here at Rainsoft. We have years of experience and we have the knowledge it takes to help you make the decision that is best for your home. Without healthy water and a quality filtration system, you and your family are at risk and you don’t have to be! Give us a call today at (954) 333-3336 to get started!