In February of this year, Coastal Energy Water & Air posted a blog declaring “The RainSoft Water Softener is Perfect for Living Life in 2020,” which made excellent points regarding the benefits of using a RainSoft Water Softener… but really had no idea what was going to happen in 2020. Nine months later, we thought it would be fun and interesting to return to that post with some hindsight (which is literally 2020).

We began that blog by discussing the importance of hydration to those who live in South Florida. This is on point. South Florida tap water is nearly undrinkable, and installing a RainSoft Water Softener system to your home in Pompano Beach or thereabouts really does improve every part of your hydration experience, from better tasting drinking water to better tasting food to more enjoyable bathing (using less soap products) and better smelling laundry to plumbing with less hard water issues. The only part we missed out on was contemplating how beneficial it would be if you were home, all the time, every day, indefinitely.

No one could have predicted a pandemic and subsequent quarantine. If we had, we would have been trying to call as much attention to the possibility as we could, because who couldn’t use softer water while being under what feels like house arrest? That said, the issue now is whether or not the worst is behind us, or if there may be more long-term time spent at home. And if there is, how can we make the time spent at home more enjoyable?

The harmful bacteria argument.

We mention in that blog, “While the spread of harmful bacteria through our water supply is very unlikely…” and went on to discuss how harmful sediments and chemicals end up in our drinking water. Since then, however, we have experienced the most active hurricane season to date, in addition to a number of flood scares and even some boil-water orders throughout South Florida, and then we come back to the pandemic. Look, when the stores run out of bottled water and the public water lines are questionable at best, having a RainSoft Water Softener is going to provide you and your family with peace of mind at a time when there will be little of that to be found.

Revising the 4 Reasons Why Owning a RainSoft Water Softener Makes Sense:

  1. Money Savings – originally reason #2, this jumps up to #1 for a variety of reasons, but the bottom line remains the same: The purchase of a RainSoft system is less of an investment than however many bottles of Spring Water most families buy over the course of a year. That point is so much more true now that more people are staying home and taking their own water with them if they do go out. 
  2. More Enjoyable Baths and Showers – This point is still key, especially when we’re stuck in one place without a lot of outlets for unwinding. Nothing beats a hot shower or luxurious bath when we are stressed, and there are few things worse than hard water deposits on our bodies as we try to dry off with towels that smell from hard water in the laundry.
  3. Removes Harmful Minerals – It is still true that minerals like iron and aluminum, and chemicals like chlorine, can often appear in hard water, and that a RainSoft Water System can help purify said water by removing the vast majority of chemicals and contaminating impurities that can also make your water taste bad. Again, it’s just that a global pandemic and record-breaking storm season drives the point home still further all these months later.
  4. Spot-free Clean Dishes – This probably isn’t the most urgent issue right now, unless of course all the tension and stress from the past year contributes to your OCD, and removing spots from your dishes can trigger some sort of binge-cleaning that will never satisfy you because you’re using hard water to try and clean…in which case the point is more important than ever.

There is no telling what challenges the future will bring, but there are ways to ensure more peace of mind no matter what, and installing a RainSoft Water Softener System does just that. Call Coastal Energy Water & Air today at (954) 333-3336, and take the first step to an improved quality of life next year, no matter what.