Rainsoft, Water Softener

If you live in South Florida, water is an essential part of living here and staying hydrated. Whether you go to the beach or pools, lakes, canals and more, water is a necessary part of our lives. And to beat the heat, as we know, staying hydrated and drinking water is essential to life here in the tropics. That’s why the Rainsoft Water softener system in Pompano Beach is one of the most popular on the market of its kind. It can take your hard, undrinkable water and purify it in no time. What’s more, It can be beneficial in every aspect of your life from drinking water to cooking to showering and bathing to air conditioning, appliances, and plumbing. It has wide-reaching benefits in every aspect of your life and everywhere water is used in your house.   

Get Rid of Harmful Bacteria in Your Drinking Water for Good  

The Rainsoft Water softener in Pompano Beach provides your family with peace of mind. From more drinkable freshwater to cleaner laundry to more enjoyable bathing experiences, Rainsoft is a very desirable water filtration system that is still the most popular one on the market today. While the spread of harmful bacteria through our water supply is very unlikely, recent research shows that harmful sediments and chemicals end up in our drinking water from time to time. Is it worth it to expose your family to potentially harmful bacteria? At Coastal Energy Water & Air, we understand that having cleaner clearer purer water improves everyone’s quality of life. We are the leading distributor of Rainsoft water softener in Pompano Beach. Just having cleaner, clearer, better smelling water can make our lives so much easier and happier not to mention cleaner.   

4 Reasons why owning a Rainsoft water softener in Pompano Beach makes sense:  

  1. Spot-free clean dishes- If you’ve noticed your dishes are lacking in the sparkle department lately, then the culprit could be mineral deposits in your tap water is making it impossible for your dishwasher to do its job. The result is dull dishes  
  1. Saves you Money. Recycling is one thing but why contribute to the mounds of plastic that plague our society today? Also, are you tired of buying bottled water that you can’t even be sure comes from a pure Spring? Then a water filtration system like Rainsoft might be perfect for you. The purchase of a Rainsoft system is affordable and may cost less than the 50 bottles of Spring Water you buy each month.    
  1. More Enjoyable baths and showers –Bathing in unfiltered water can be harmful to you because your body may be absorbing harmful contaminants through your skin. Chemicals like chlorine have been known to cause itchy dry skin. A whole house filtration system like Rainsoft takes care of filtering the water in your entire home from a single point of entry.1.  
  1. Removes harmful minerals – Minerals like iron and aluminum and chemicals like chlorine can often appear in from hard water. A Rainsoft Water Softeners system in Pompano Beach can help purify water, by removing many of the chemicals and contaminants impurities that can also make your water taste bad.  

Why not contact the Coastal Energy Water & Air team at (954) 333-3336, to obtain your RainSoft water softener system in Pompano Beach today? Coastal Energy Water & Air is the original RainSoft distributor. Our exceptional technicians have many years of experience with installing the best water softener system throughout homes in South Florida and beyond. Reach out to us today to make your quality of life better and your drinking water purer with RainSoft.