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Although hard water in Pompano Beach is generally safe to drink, it can contain a high mineral count laden with magnesium, calcium, and iron deposits. In some regions, hard water can even contain traces of aluminum. While a few of these minerals are not necessarily bad for you, and some may also be beneficial, sometimes they carry harmful bacteria with them. This is because as our water flows through ground soil, it can sometimes be laced with contaminates. How to tell if our water is carrying harmful contaminants, is always a concern. That is why water filtration systems like RainSoft have been so popular in recent years.

Five reasons why your tap water needs a water filtration system:

  1. Strange odor – a bad smell coming from your faucet is often the first indication that your tap water needs filtering and is not drinkable. If your water has a metallic taste, it is a problem laced with iron, and if your water had a rotten egg smell, you could bet that some sulfuric gas is the culprit.
  2. Brown stains – Usually brownish stains on your sink mean that your water has a high iron content. While this unsightly appearance can be alarming to most, it can be cleared up quickly with a water filtration system like RainSoft.
  3. Soap scum – hard to clean soap scum may appear on your kitchen sink or shower, indicating your water has calcium deposits. Even after cleaning with a product designed to dissolve soap scum, these surfaces often appear dull and unattractive.
  4. Spotty glasses and dishes – No matter how much rinse agent you use, your dishes are bound to look cloudy and dirty. An indication that you have hard water in Pompano Beach, your best bet is to buy a water filtration system like RainSoft, or do it the old fashioned way and let your dishes air dry.
  5. Dingy clothing – Remember when your whites looked white? Lately, you’ve noticed that your clothes don’t look bright anymore. That may be due to the high mineral content in your water. Mineral deposits prevent your detergent from adequately cleaning your clothes, leaving everything dull and dingy.
  6. Lack of lather – how many of us love a good shampoo with lots of fragrant lather? Well, if you have hard water, your lather may be lacking, so to speak. The high mineral content in hard water prevents it from blending properly with your shampoo to produce a satisfying lather.

If you have experienced any of these hard water situations in your Pompano Beach home, then a water filtration system such as the RainSoft water conditioner may be the perfect solution. What’s more, RainSoft prevents hard water from damaging your bathroom plumbing, prevents wear and tear on your toilet, and helps prolong the life of your water heater.  With better quality water to drink and wash with, life is sweeter, and RainSoft can help. A local dealer and distributor of RainSoft in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida for more than 40 years, Coastal Energy Water & Air was one of the first dealers to acquire RainSoft. What’s more, RainSoft is backed by a 100 % money-back guarantee. Call them at (954) 333-3336 to start enjoying the benefits of the world’s finest water treatment system on the market today.