How Does Clean Water Help Fight Seasonal Allergies?

Water Filter, Water Purifier

Is there *any* time of year not impacted by allergies? It feels like you finish struggling through one allergy season just to get waylaid by the next season right around the corner. People up north equate it to the changing temperatures, but even in South Florida, where it rarely gets cold enough to break out […]

Why Air Purification is More Important Than Ever

air purifier system

Pre-COVID, there may not have been a lot of thought put into the quality of the air your family is breathing in your home…but that was before everyone was stuck in the house for days or longer. The Environmental Protection Agency had said the average home can be 4 to 40x more dirty than the […]

7 Solutions for Protecting Your Skin from Hard Water

Water Softener

Has the water in your South Florida home started clogging all the pipes? Chances are you, like most in our area, are using hard water. Thankfully, Coastal Energy Water & Air of Pompano Beach has a solution. But first…What is “Hard Water” exactly? When water has a high content of dissolved minerals, such as calcium […]

Reviewing Why a Water Softener is Perfect for 2020 and Beyond


In February of this year, Coastal Energy Water & Air posted a blog declaring “The RainSoft Water Softener is Perfect for Living Life in 2020,” which made excellent points regarding the benefits of using a RainSoft Water Softener… but really had no idea what was going to happen in 2020. Nine months later, we thought […]