Water Filtration

Did you know that most stored underground water has been there for several decades? Even more surprising is that there are countless billions of gallons of water underground that have been there for thousands, if not millions, of years. 

Older stores of underground water are deep in the earth. They are typically not affected by pollution, drought, or other surface conditions. 

As more people flock to urban areas, the demand for underground water increases. Older groundwater is becoming exceptionally important to provide people with clean drinking water. 

What Is It Like to Drink Prehistoric Groundwater? 

If someone gave you a piece of fruit that was a year old, you would notice it immediately. Its appearance, smell, and taste would tell you it was rotten. If water sits underground for several years, it can also take on an unpleasant taste. 

The longer water sits underground, the more it pulls in the flavors from natural chemicals in the surrounding rocks. Sitting in rocks for thousands or millions of years can change water’s mineral content. 

Some of these natural additives that leak into your groundwater as it ages are good for you. For example, water with a slightly higher amount of lithium can positively affect your emotional well-being.  

Excess amounts of manganese and iron in your water can be problematic. However, a water filter system in Pompano Beach, FL can remove many of these minerals, restoring your drinking water’s flavor and appearance. 

If your well is located near the ocean, the older groundwater could be very salty. When a development overpumps water from a well, it creates open spaces that suck saltwater into aquifers, ruining freshwater drinking supplies. An advanced water filter system is needed in these cases to make contaminated water good to drink again. 

Why Drill for Old Water? 

Rainfall over the Midwest 15,000 years ago may have landed in lakes and rivers or on dry land. Some of that water finds its way through the soil and slowly travels through the “flow paths” of underground water. 

With time, these paths get deeper and deeper, finding their way into bedrock hundreds of meters under the ground. The water will not return to the active water cycle for thousands of years. However, as more and more people move into smaller areas, the youngest water, which is only in the ground for a few days or years, is rapidly consumed. Much of it, in places like Pompano Beach, is contaminated, requiring homeowners to use a water filter system.  

As a result, engineers are forced to tap into deeper and harder-to-reach pockets of older water for drinking water and crops. As water-strapped regions rely more on the groundwater, polluted modern water mixes with older water, causing all water quality to deteriorate. 

Clean Water for You and Your Family 

Your family deserves to have clean water. Whether you are drinking young or old water, you have every right to know what is in it. Using a water filter system in Pompano Beach is the best way to know that you have clean drinking water. Contact us at Coastal Energy Water and Air to learn about RainSoft water treatment.