Water Softener

Did you know that 80% of Americans have what experts consider hard water? Fortunately, you can install a water softener system into your home. Yet, many people don’t know exactly what a water softener system is, and what all it can do. Some of the main, most well-known benefits include improving the texture of skin, hair, and overall appearance. Hard water is known to make hair follicles more brittle, and the skin dryer. Not only does this increase one’s age, but it also reduces your health. It’s true that water systems are an investment, but they’re necessary. In this article, we’re going to tell you about the benefits of having a water softener system in your home. Keep reading to learn more! 

What is a Water Softener System? 

First and foremost, let’s identify what a water softener system really is. Water softeners, in essence, remove minerals that are harmful in excess. Some of these minerals include magnesium and calcium. These minerals can build up residue over time, both on your body and on the bottom of your tub or shower. A softener system will work to remove these minerals and replace them with healthier minerals like sodium and potassium. Magnesium and calcium are very hard minerals. Sodium and potassium are much softer minerals. 


Why is Hard Water Bad for You? 

Now that we know how a water softener can help, we’ll need to identify what it’s helping with in the first place. One of the most common issues with hard water is that it creates corrosion and rust, especially on metals found in household appliances. If these minerals make their way into your washer, you may notice that your whites look grey overtime. You might notice that your drinking water has a strong taste. As you know, water should never have a taste. What you’re picking up on are the minerals found in hard water. As mentioned, hard water can affect your shower, tubs, and sinks. This creates soap scum, which is quite challenging to clean. In addition, hard water impacts the health of your skin and hair. 

A water softener is an investment, yes. However, it’s also a tool to change the quality of your life. You can have a professional install a water softener and then watch as your water changes. You’ll be able to have healthier skin and hair, and your appliances won’t suffer as much. You’ll spend less on cleaning supplies, and your clothes will have a longer lifespan. Sure, a water softener is an investment, but it’s also going to save you other investments in the long run. Calcium and magnesium can also plug up your plumbing. If you’ve ever had a plumbing issue, then you know how expensive these ventures can be. Not only are they pricey, but they’re also quite frustrating. If you take early, precautious steps, you’ll save yourself a headache in the future. 

Many people wonder about the health benefits of a water softener, and while the harsh chemicals aren’t necessarily uncommon for the human body, as they’re found within, they are damaging in excess amounts. If you’re someone who already has other health issues, these two chemicals may add another complex layer onto them. 

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