Water Purifier

Most people assume that the quality of their drinking water is excellent, with the local municipality testing and cleaning it. However, they don’t know that the local water supply is aging and communities will only do so much.

According to the Infrastructure Report Card, there is a water main break every two minutes from aging infrastructure. The lack of funding and the inability of local water supplies to keep up with demand means that corners are cut.

Installing a water purifier in Pompano Beach is the best thing you can do to clean and improve your water quality. We look at why you want to have one in your home or business and the advantages you receive.

You Protect the Environment

Plastic water bottles are the popular choice of drinking water on the go, as you drink it and recycle the bottle. However, these water bottles contaminate the environment, with not everyone recycling. Instead, they throw out the water bottles and don’t think about how long it takes for the plastic to break down.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, 12% of all plastic water bottles are recycled. The amount of time it takes for those bottles that are thrown away to decompose is 450 years.

Installing a water purifier in Pompano Beach protects the environment by giving you high-quality drinking water. You don’t have to worry about the damage you are doing to the environment by continually buying and getting rid of empty plastic bottles.

You are doing your part to make the world a better place by installing a water purifier in your home or business.

Coastal Energy, Water, and Air is your solution for installing an excellent water purifier known as RainSoft. RainSoft is one of the top purifiers on the market and makes your water sparkle. We are Florida’s first RainSoft dealer and have been serving South Florida since 1966. No one has more experience or knowledge in water purification than us. 

Create Extra Security

Water is the most significant resource on the planet, and you need it for everything you do. The majority of municipal water supplies follow higher environmental standards, but only up to a point.

However, recent headlines show how storms and contamination are becoming more common in public water supplies. A good example of this is in Jackson, Mississippi where the entire community was under a water emergency for five weeks last February. Two winter storms caused pipes to burst, but the real problems are from a lack of upgrades in infrastructure.

A water purifier serves as an extra layer of protection to keep your water clean and free from organisms and dangerous chemicals.

We recommend using a water purifier to give your home or business this extra protection. You never know what events could arise that adversely impacts the water supply.

Coastal Energy, Water, and Air can help you have that added layer of protection you need. Our Hydrefiner is a state-of-the-art system that prevents chemicals and biological organisms from entering your water supply. The system is one of the best for improving the taste and safety of your drinking water. 

Save Money

Buying bottled water can become expensive over long periods, even when you buy the cheapest brands. These costs can translate into $1,400 you are spending unnecessarily. Our water systems average $.49 per glass, and you receive more using it versus continually buying bottled water.

A water filtration system in Pompano Beach keeps your expenses steady to give you better quality and taste. You know the upfront and recurring costs of having this system and save thousands from never buying bottled water.

The savings can go into other areas that you were unable to cover in the past to give you more. You have better tasting and safer water, with the extra funds to cover other expenses around your property. You are getting more and will see these results lead to greater returns on your property.

We recommend spending the upfront costs of installing a water purifier to realize the long-term savings.

Coastal Energy, Water, and Air gives you the best solutions to create long-term savings by reducing your costs. Your water tastes better and you never have to worry about unnecessary spending on bottled products.

Get Your Water Purifier Today

These are some reasons why you want to have a water purifier in your home or business. Call Coastal Energy, Water, and Air today at 954-333-3336 and improve the taste and quality of your water.

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