Water Purifier, Water Softener

Clean water is a necessity and a right of all humans. Especially in your home, you want to ensure you have uncontaminated water. Water filter systems in Pompano Beach, such as water conditioners, help reduce the contaminants in tap water.  

You might be wondering what water conditioners are and how they benefit your home. Let’s check it out!  

What Are Water Conditioners  

Water conditioners are categorized as water treatment systems that aid in the purification and conditioning of tap water. For knowing how it works, you need to understand which contaminants are in your water make the use of a water conditioner necessary.  

Some deposits such as minerals tend to contaminate water along with other disinfectants such as chlorine, chloramines, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Many people wish to remove these components from their water to improve its taste and smell using a water filter system. Pompano Beach residents can utilize the facility of water conditioners to attain clean water.  

Difference Between Water Conditioners & Water Softeners 

Often, people confuse the two types of water treatment systems. Rainsoft Water Conditioners and Rainsoft Water Softener in Pompano Beach have several differences in their results. Let’s break it down. 

Water Softeners: Water Softeners treat your water with a process called ‘ion exchange.’ The mineral deposit ions found in water are removed entirely and replaced with sodium ions. This allows your water to maintain a balanced electrical charge. Salt needs to be added periodically into the system for it to work efficiently.  

Water Conditioners: Water Conditioners remove certain contaminants such as chlorine and chloramines. However, it does not remove the hard minerals from your water. It takes preventive measures to avoid the hardness of water and thus, escape scaling. People can evaluate their water quality by utilizing a water test. Pompano Beach residents can easily call Rainsoft for a free test at their homes.  

Benefits of Water Conditioners  

People choose water conditioners due to their numerous benefits in offering clean, drinkable water in their homes. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Showering and Bathing: With cleaner water, your skin and hair feel softer, lusher, and residue-free. Showerheads and faucets no longer have mineral build-up.  

Food & Beverages: Vegetables, dishes, coffee, and other food items taste substantially better. Without mineral build-up, the appliances at home work more efficiently too.  

Energy-Efficiency: Water Conditioners are energy-efficient because they condition as the water flows through the system.  

No Salt/Brine Required: Water Conditioners don’t require a regular input of salt into the system. This is beneficial for people who have to limit their sodium intake due to health reasons.  

Cost-Efficiency: Using this system reduces cost since it has no salt costs. It does not run on electricity, nor does it require any chemicals.  

How It Works 

Water Conditioners use Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) that prevents mineral build-up. It consistently does so by attracting the dissolved mineral ions in hard water. Nano-sized crystals are formed through their nucleation sites. These crystallized minerals are now harmless without producing any waste. 

This process neutralizes the water. While the water still contains the minerals, their altered structure reduces the mineral build-up on surfaces, appliances, and faucets. Most water conditioners are designed to be a comprehensive water filter systems. Pompano Beach residents can benefit from it by having access to cleaner water. 

Water conditioners are highly effective water treatment systems that help purify your water. These water filtration systems work to tackle hard minerals and contaminants in your water by addressing scaling concerns. Many residents avail of the water test in Pompano Beach to gauge their current water quality. 

These conditioners also help eradicate harmful minerals from your water, improving the taste and smell. The absence of salt or brine makes the water less slimy or slippery. The newly formed small crystallized particles do not alter the taste of the water, and you also don’t feel them in the water.  

The water conditioners are installed shortly after the main water line enters your home. These conditioners get to work immediately after installation. Without any delay, this system conditions large amounts of water. Rainsoft Water Softener in Pompano Beach offers similar results but works in a fundamentally different way to water conditioners.  

Rain Soft Water Conditioners 

Rainsoft LA provides a free Water Test in Pompano Beach to assess water quality at your home.  

They offer the Rainsoft Water Softener in Pompano Beach along with the Rainsoft Water Conditioners. Within the two types of water conditioners, the first kind is called the EC5 Water Conditioning System, which utilizes Wi-Fi technology and an automatic process that treats the water based on your consumption levels. 

The TC Series Water Conditioning System is the second kind of water conditioner that features an electronic control valve that’s easy to use and automatic system generation service.  

 Get clearer, purer, and softer water for your home.