Water Treatment System

Enjoying the benefits of the highest quality of water is a big deal for you when it comes to your home. The installation of a water conditioner can make a big difference for you when it comes to this topic. With this in mind, these are some key points you need to know about what a water conditioner is and how these systems operate. We are confident that you will see that there are some undeniable benefits to installing a water conditioning system in Pompano Beach.

So What Is Water Conditioning?

Water conditioning systems or water conditioners are devices that are designed to effectively treat hard water so that many common problems associated with it can be avoided by property owners. They are capable of targeting minerals that cause issues such as lime scale. They accomplish this task without the removal of the system’s hard minerals in the way that a water softener does. The goal of a water conditioner is to directly target minerals that are present in the home’s water system. Among the most popular options for accomplishing this goal is the EC5 Series. 

How Do Water Conditioner Systems Work?

It is also important to understand how water conditioners work when you have them installed at your property. The EC5 Series takes in water through a control valve that then flows into the conditioning resin. At that point, positively charged ions such as magnesium and calcium are removed. Once the water has been effectively conditioned by the EC5, it then exits the tank and flows throughout the property. 

The Benefits of EC5 Series Water Conditioning

There are some undeniable benefits you can enjoy when you install EC5 water conditioning in Pompano Beach. The model’s features include an interactive display, immediate condition response that displays the status of the system, power outage recovery, energy-efficient control, and information alerts that are provided in real-time. These alert homeowners to issues such as loss of power or low salt.

Additional benefits of the EC5 System include the option to utilize RainSoft Remind. This is available for both Android and iOS and allows you to monitor your system from wherever you are currently located. Scheduling service can even be done through your tablet or smartphone. This feature is another example of how the EC5 is capable of making the process of water conditioning at your home easier than ever before!

At Coastal Energy Water and Air, we are the reliable provider of EC5 water conditioning in Pompano Beach. Our team is excited to speak with you today about this incredible product or any of the other great water conditioner options that we can offer you at your property here in the region. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact Coastal Energy Water and Air by reaching out to our team by phone or messaging us online. Our goal is to help you to improve the quality of the water that you rely on for your home!