Water Filter

In modern times, we’re all rather fortunate to be given fresh water to drink, cook with, and shower with. However, there is still a cleaner level of water to achieve. At Coastal Water Energy & Air, we specialize in helping homeowners achieve their healthy water goals. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the top benefits of drinking clean water using water filters. Keep reading to learn more! 


Safe Drinking Water with Water Filters


One of the top reasons to install a water filter system is so that you and your family can have access to clean drinking water all of the time. In traditional water systems without filters, people are subject to heavy metal contaminants. While these metals may not be picked up immediately, continuous consumption can cause health hazards down the road. To avoid being one of those statistics, it’s better to have a water filtration system installed. 


Save Money and the Environment with a Water Filter


If you’re buying bottled water on a regular basis, then you’re spending hundreds of dollars every year on your water consumption alone. Additionally, this can be incredibly hard on the environment. Did you know that it takes years for water bottles to break down? While a water filter system is an upfront investment, this is a tool that will last you years. You’ll never need to buy another water bottle again! Instead, buy a reusable bottle and fill it before you leave your house. You’ll be doing great things for both your environment and your bank account! 


Reduce Plumbing Problems 


Within traditional water systems, homeowners and business owners will find heavy metals and chemicals that can wear down plumbing systems over time. While this may seem like a waste of time to investigate, you’ll learn that throughout the years, this corrosion can lead to needed repairs and replacements. If you’ve never replaced plumbing in your home, then you’ll be unaware of how pricey this investment can be. Fortunately, when you switch to a whole-house water filter system, you’ll avoid potential damages and extra costs. 


Cleaner Clothes


Last, but not least, having a home water filtration system ensures that your clothes will stay cleaner, without the need to over-do it on the soap. Minerals found in traditional water sources can actually reverse the effects of soap, damaging your clothes and leaving you with dirtier linens than you started with! When you switch to a water filter, you’re washing your clothing with clean, healthy water! 


What are the Different Types of Water Filters? 


When you’re shopping for water filters, there are a few you’ll want to look at. First, you can invest in a reverse osmosis water filter system, which is the most popular choice. This particular method is known for supplying clean water to an entire home. You can also use a cation exchange water system, that will also give clean water to a house. This system runs on positively charged ions, zapping the harmful minerals that can live in your water. Last, but certainly not least, you can invest in an activated carbon model which is usually designated for specific locations, including faucets, showerheads, and more. 

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