Water Treatment System

If you do not have a home water treatment system, experts who specialize in water treatment for home in Pompano Beach as well as in other locales strongly recommend that you have one installed. A water treatment system ensures that you will always Have clear drinking water without having to continually purchase bottled water. IN addition to providing clear water, a water treatment system will help you save tremendous amounts of money. 

How a Water Treatment System Improves the Quality of Your Water

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal water system, it can fall short of quality standards. Municipal water and well water contain chemicals. Chlorine is found in municipal water as this chemical is commonly used to remove bacteria from the water; however, chlorine can be toxic if too much is added. Even though municipal water suppliers are supposed to add safe levels of chlorine to water, safe levels are sometimes exceeded. Well water can contain pesticides as these seep deep into the ground after multiple applications. Untreated ground water can also find its way into your well carrying led and arsenic along with it. A home water treatment system will remove all chemicals from your water making it safe for drinking and bathing.

Water Treatment for Home in Pompano Beach: A Water Treatment System Guarantees Major Cost Savings

90% of homes in American are found to contain hard water according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Hard water is water that contains elevated levels of magnesium and calcium, and it is responsible for damaging pipes and plumbing appliances. For instance, studies show that the flow rate of shower heads significantly decrease because of calcium buildup. Sediment can also build up in your pipes leading to blockages. Professionals who offer water treatment in Pompano Beach state that they receive many complaints about home plumbing systems needing major work due to drain clogs and sewer line blockages that occur because of scaling and calcium buildup. While a simple drain cleaning job will not break the bank, a major pipe blockage will cost you anywhere from $1,269 to $4,793 

Hard water will also ruin your plumbing appliances. Your dish washer and washing machine can become clogged and stop functioning efficiently, and all your plumbing appliances will develop unsightly stains.

Specialists in home water treatment in Pompano Beach recommend having a home water treatment system because doing so is a major money saver. Treated water will preserve the integrity of your home’s plumbing system and your appliances so you will not have to contend with high repair costs. Additionally, treated water will enable your hot water heater to run more efficiently saving you approximately 29% on your energy bill each year.

Now is the time to take action to procure a home water treatment system so you can ensure your water is safe and is not a culprit for damaging your appliances and your home’s plumbing system. Contact  Coastal Energy Water and Air to learn which home water treatment solution is right for you. We have been offering home water treatment in Pompano Beach for decades, and we look forward to serving you.