Water Purifier

Water is essential to your body because it helps to keep the body’s temperature at a normal level, helps to eliminate waste through perspiration and urination, and helps to lubricate joints. Therefore, it may be challenging to survive without water. You also need water for cleaning purposes.

The water you drink should be safe and free from disease-causing organisms. There are multiple ways you can make your water safe for consumption, and using Ultrefiner II is one of the best. Find out how Ultrefiner II works and its benefits.

How Ultrefiner II Works

Ultrefiner II is one of the most highly effective and efficient water filtration systems in Florida. This premier drinking water system uses multi-stage filters to clean your water. These filters include:

  • A carbon block sediment pre-filter
  • A membrane cartridge
  • A carbon block sediment post-filter

The carbon block sediment pre-filter captures tiny particles whose size is 10 microns or more. It also lowers the chlorine levels in your drinking water. The membrane cartridge removes inorganic solids like chromium, lead, and copper. 

The carbon block sediment post-filter lowers the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) levels. These compounds can harm humans and the environment. 

Usually, an inlet valve allows water to enter the system. This premier drinking water system forces the water to the pre-filter cartridge, lowering chlorine levels, foreign particles, unpleasant taste, and odor. 

The water then proceeds to the membrane cartridge, where filtration occurs in a spiral, semi-permeable membrane. The water then enters a storage tank. The post-filter cleans the water before you access it through your faucet.

What Benefits Will You Gain From the Ultrefiner II Water System?

Find out below how your family stands to benefit from using the Ultrefiner II water system in Florida.

Softening of Hard water

The presence of minerals such as magnesium and calcium causes hard water. Hard water creates cloudy spots on your clean silverware and dishes, interfering with their appearance. 

Hard water also causes irritations on the skin after bathing. In addition, the water reduces your shower’s flow rate. By eliminating these minerals, the Ultrefiner II water system in Florida preserves your dishes’ and silverware’s look. In addition, you can fully enjoy your bath since soft water does not cause irritations on the skin and does not interfere with your shower’s flow rate.

You Get to Enjoy Better Tasting Water

When you invest in the Ultrefiner II water system, you don’t need to buy bottled water anymore. This premier drinking water system lets you enjoy good-tasting water straight from your tap. 

Healthier Water

Lead and volatile organic compounds in water may affect your family’s health. The Ultrefiner II removes these harmful compounds, safeguarding your family’s health.

Your Clothing Feels Softer

You may end up with stiff-feeling laundry if you wash your clothes with hard water. Using the Ultrefiner 11 system helps to soften hard water, resulting in softer and long-lasting clothing.

Since we need water daily, it is essential to ensure your family accesses safe water. Consider reaching out to Coastal Energy Water and Air if you are looking for a reliable water filtration system in Florida.