Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem that 85% of all homeowners are facing. The most frequent issues are from high levels of calcium, trace minerals, and magnesium. 

However, most people don’t recognize or know about hard water in their homes and businesses. We look at the different signs of hard water in Pompano Beach and what you can do to change things. 


If you notice spots on your dishes, this is a sign that you have hard water. The higher alkaline creates these spots when interacting with the water and leaves a residue behind. 

For example, after you wash dishes in the dishwasher you notice spots on the plates, glasses, and silverware. These are indications that the hard water is leaving a residue behind that is not making everything clear. 

The best approach is to get a water filtration system in Pompano Beach that cleans the water. You will have softer water and never have to worry about any of the ugly residue left behind. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air is the place that can help you to deal with hard water in Pompano Beach. We have been serving our customers since 1953 and know what to do to get you quality water at your home or business. No one is more professional or knows more about how to address hard water. 

Low Water Pressure 

When most of us see low water pressure we assume that it is from too much usage or a break in the waterline. However, the high levels of calcium, trace minerals, and magnesium could be leaving residue in the pipes. This reduces the water pressure and causes it to drop throughout your property. 

If you see these signs consistently, it could be an indication that you have high levels of hard water. The best approach is to call us and let our trained professionals come out and address these issues. 

We can test the water and give you an actionable strategy to reduce the hard water and residue in your pipes. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air is the specialists in water quality and we can help improve it. We are authorized RainSoft dealers and can give you excellent tasting water throughout your home or business. Our owner has a degree in Biology from the University of Southern California and is a certified level 5 expert. 

Dry Skin and Hair 

If you have dry skin and hair, you more than likely have hard water that is causing these problems. The hard water you are bathing and showering in causes the skin to become dry and less glowing. You will develop a dull coloration from the calcium, trace minerals, and magnesium on your skin. 

We recommend calling us immediately if you see these signs on your hair or skin. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and five-star reviews on Yelp and Google. We can help you to address your hard water issues and improve the water quality. 

Damaged, Stained, or Faded Clothing 

The calcium, trace minerals, and magnesium cause your clothing to become faded, stained, or damaged. These elements will eat away at the material in your clothing faster and destroy your shirts, pants, shorts, and other items. 

Hard water is to blame in these situations and you can fix the problem by softening the water in your home or business. We recommend installing a water filtration system that softens and improves the quality of your water. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air is the place to call to improve the quality of your water. We offer a free water test and will tell you what you can do to improve the quality. 

Damage to Appliances 

Hard water will damage your appliances and HVAC system by causing them to work less efficiently. Eventually, you will see your appliance breakdown more often from the high levels of trace elements left behind. 

We recommend taking advantage of our free water test to ensure your appliances continue to run properly. 

Coastal Energy Water and Air is the experts in everything water-related and we will improve your water quality. No one is more knowledgeable or experienced in dealing with these issues than us. We are South Florida’s number one water experts and will improve the quality of water for you. 

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