Water Treatment System

Do you know what’s in your water? Have you been smelled or tasted something odd in your water in the last few days? Then maybe it’s time for a complimentary in-house water test in Pompano Beach. At Coastal Energy Air & Water we know how important water is to your family. The average family of four uses over 200 gallons of water per day. That’s a lot of H2O! Everything from doing the dishes, house cleaning and watering the lawn to bathing, brushing your teeth and laundering your clothes and more is dependent on clean safe water. Not to mention enjoying a cold glass of water is just something we take for granted. It’s a natural part of our daily lives and we don’t think too much about it. Until something doesn’t seem quite right about our water; then we are not always sure what to do about it. The first thing to do is to identify the problem. Is it the smell, taste, color or all three? Oftentimes it’s easy to figure out what’s going on and it’s most probably nothing harmful to you. Coastal Energy Air and Water is the #1 dealer of RainSoft water filtration products. We take pride in offering you and your family the best drinking water for all functions in your daily life. We believe in giving you and your family piece-of-mind and that’s why our water filtration products are so popular.

What should I do if I think my water smells a little funky?

First, to determine whether the bad smell is coming from your pipes or your water source, you can fill a glass of water and then walk away from it. If the water in the glass smells, the problem is most likely coming from your pipes. What should I do then? You should call Coastal Energy Air and Water to perform a complimentary water test in Pompano Beach. We will send one of our trained water treatment specialists to your home to determine exactly what the cause of the smell is. Once the water is analyzed, we will recommend a few of our water treatment solutions. One of the best water purification products we recommend is RainSoft. After installing a RainSoft filtration system, your food will taste better, your hair will be softer and your clothes will be brighter and smell much cleaner. Our hundreds of customers can attest to the fact that the RainSoft system has improved their lives almost immediately. 

How do I find out if a water filtration system is right for me?

If you’ve noticed that your water smells or tastes funny, then it’s time for a complimentary water test in Pompano Beach. Contact the Coastal Energy Water and Air water treatment specialist at (954) 333-3336, to find out more about how RainSoft can improve your life. Coastal Energy Water and Air is the original, #1 leading RainSoft distributor in South Florida. Our exceptional water treatment specialists have many years of experience with installing the best water filtration systems throughout homes in Pompano Beach and beyond.  Reach out to us today to make your quality of life better and your drinking water purer with a RainSoft water treatment system.