Water Test

Have you noticed something unusual with your water? Is it the foul smell or a different taste?  

The water we drink or use daily should have a quality that does not influence our health. According to polls, 61 percent of Americans are concerned about unclean drinking water. 

If the weird taste or smell of your drinking water is bothering you, maybe it’s time you get your water tested.  

 Did you know that at-home water testing kits provide precise results? You should use one if you’re concerned about pollutants or toxins in the groundwater. With that, they can also detect the general pH of your municipal water. 

Here’s what to expect from the In-home water test: 

What Should the Water Quality Be? 

We have all heard the term “water quality,” but most of us aren’t sure what it entails. Water quality determines the water’s cleanliness or purity.  

The greater the quality of water, the better it is. Sadly, pure water is only an abstract term. Groundwater gathers up pollutants, chemicals, dust, and other particulate matter when it pours down as rain while making its way to our bathtubs and sinks. 

The majority of the water used in the United States is filtered via a water purifier facility that removes contaminants from water or makes it safe to drink.  

What is Observational Water-Testing?  

Level-1 testing consists of simple observations made by a person utilizing human senses, including smell, taste, and touch. Qualitative observations are made momentarily or over some time. You can further confirm your results using water testing strips or seek a professional evaluation based on your observations.  

How is Your Water Tested? 

If you have chosen to seek for professional evaluation, here’s how the in-home water test will take place; 

Initial Q/A  

When in-home water treatment specialists arrive at your house, they usually start by asking some general questions about the complaints you may be having and the possible reason why you called in for testing.  

Some specialists carry flashcards and banners to help them identify the underlying cause of contamination. They show frequent domestic water problems and explain why they occur.  

In-Home Water Testing Kits  

Water treatment specialists carry in-home testing kits with equipment, reagents, and containers to take samples and determine what’s wrong with your water. 

The contaminants that cause problems with home water are invisible to the naked eye. The chemicals react with pollutants and signify the presence of these harmful contaminants. 

Assessment of External Water Supply  

Most of the time, the root cause of water contamination is detected in your house’s main water supply. The professionals tend to take the raw sample and determine if you might need a water purifier at the supplying end of your house. If a water purifier is already installed in your house, the professional might move to the next step.  

Take a Sample of Raw Water 

The pollutant may be an external source when you have a water softener or a purifier installed. The municipal water supply is often not softened and comes with additives such as chlorine or fluoride that can cause a change in smell or taste. The sample is then sent to accredited laboratories for quality analysis.  

Other In-Home Water Tests 

Here’s what you can expect from the professional after a physical analysis: 

Smell Test: Some significant chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride can be detected by smelling the water. Some foul smells can tell that your water supply has been contaminated by sewage water.  

Hardness Test: Hard water includes increased calcium and magnesium. Experts carry reagents that change color in the presence of excessive minerals.  

TDS test: This test can detect Total Dissolved Solids, which may be other than calcium or magnesium.  

pH Test: Any changes in pH, which is the acidity or alkalinity of water, can be problematic. The pH test can detect the changes and tell how deviated the pH is from 7 (the pH of pure water).  

After conducting all tests, the specialist can recommend installing a water purifier or fixing your water treatment system in most situations. 

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